IMATS LA 2014 & Crown Brush Blogging event!!


It is yet again time for the long-awaited make up trade show that every girl gossips non stop about. With this being my third year going, I am just as excited as I was the last two times. This year, the International Make up Artist Tradeshow (IMATS) is taking place on January 17-19th at the location as the previous years, at the Pasadena Convention Center.  Friday, the 17th is only open to pro card holders whereas both Saturday and Sunday are open to the public. If you are going Saturday, prepare yourself because the trade show is open from 8:30am till 5:00pm. Whereas on Sunday its 10:00am till 5:00pm, so gives you some more time in the morning to get ready.  I will be attending both days with my sister Chelsea and one of my girlfriends, Lindy. IMATS allows you to fully immerse yourself with cosmetic, skin care and cinema brands and schools, giving you an all out unique experience.  If you have a moment, you should check out all the brands that are attending this show because it’s a pretty lengthy list!


Did I forget to mention that all of our beloved make up gurus on Youtube are typically there?!?! If you’re looking to finally meet one of your favorite beauty bloggers or Youtube guru’s, IMATS is a great destination to do that at. My favorite is Lauren, also commonly known as Queen of Blending. I must say her make up in person is just as immaculate on how you see on Youtube or any other social media platform. I’m so glad that I’ve gotten to know her over the past two events and I am looking forward to seeing her again. Other notorious bloggers who will be at this event are Chrisspy, Makeup Geek (who has a booth!!), Nicole Guerrero, Start2finishmua, just to name a few!


Attention all beauty bloggers!!! I am helping promote this blogging event hosted by the one and only Crown Brush. This event is going to be taking place on January 17th from 3:00-5:00pm. This is a great event if you are a beauty blogger and you would like to gain the chance to attend an amazing event where you can connect with other bloggers who share the same passion and gain great new insight to products in the future for Crown Brush. If you would like to attend this event, please email the address that is listed in the picture above. I will be attending this event so I look forward to seeing and meeting any of my followers. Do not be shy, please approach me, I would love to get to know the audience that I am speaking to. Hopefully see you there or at IMATS!!!!


Caudalie Skincare Review


Founded in Bordeaux France 1993, Caudalie became an amazing source of skin care containing grape seed polyphenols. Grape-seed Polyphenols are the most powerful anti-oxidant within the plant world. Along with the grape seed, Caudalie is heavily infused with Viniferine, organic grape water and vinolevure. Caudalie also has extracted resveratrol, fatty acids and anti-again efficacy within their products. Caudalie is 0% without parabens, sulfates, phtlates, mineral oil, animal ingredients and more!

How does Caudalie effect the earth? With each purchase of a divine oil, Caudalie plants a tree! How cool is that? Caudalie also takes initiative where it can. Their packaging is made from recycled and recycable paper and plastic.  They’ve reduced CO2 emissions from their industrial site when their shipping products. They have set up 12 difference recylcing systems so that they can reduce waste and consumption of raw materials.


Now onto the product review! Before this serum, I wasn’t really into serums, i’ll be honest. However, when I came across Caudalie’s, I was intrigued and also amazed at what it does.  With having normal to dry skin, i’m always interested in finding new intensive moisturizers that actually seep into several layers of skin and actually continue to keep me moisturized throughout the day. When I stumbled upon this beauty, and used it in conjuction with the vinosource moisturizing sorbet, I can honestly say my skin felt so different. Different in a good way. My skin felt moist throughout the day, plump, and almost had a glow. Now I feel that I cannot use my moisturizer without using this serum first to gain the optimal results!


This definitely has to be one of the most luxurious facial moisturizers that I have tried. This nice creamy moisturizers sinks into the skin quickly leaving no oily residue atop the skin. When using this in conjunction with the serum, words cannot express how happy me and my skin are! The scent is delicious, very subtle but fresh. If you haven’t tried this moisturizer, and you have normal to dry skin and even sensitive skin, I highly recommend it!


I’m personally not the biggest tanner out there, but I was intrigued by this product. This product is applicable with all skin tones and is directed to be used on the legs, hence “Divine legs”. Because it is going into winter, I am definitely going to try out this product and see what it has to offer me. Hopefully it can tint my legs so I don’t look so ghostly white!


First and foremost, this smells amazing. The first time that I smelled this, I immediately wanted to drench myself in this scent. Is that wierd? Well this scent is very similar to plumeria, monoi or even gardenia, all of which are my favorite scents.  This soft exfoliating scrub removes several layers of dead skin cell buildup on the face leaving you with a youthful glow. The scrub itself is amazing but I truly feel it’s the scent that seals the deal for me in this case.


The next trio allows me to prep my skin at night as well as get ready for the next day. The Vinoperfect serum is used in conjuction with the vinoperfect cell renewal night cream. I pair these two together in order to obtain the maximum results from these products. Of course prior to using the cell renewal night cream, I will go in with my divine scrub to exfoliate my face because sometimes the exfoliant within the night cream isn’t as strong.


Suitable for all skin types, the Vinoperfect cell renewal night cream is everyone’s answer to a flawless face in the morning. With our biggest amount of cell turnover is while we sleep, why not aide it by using this beautiful night cream. This cream works overnight to detox, brighten and resurface the skin.  The active ingredient within this cream is their patented viniferine, which is vine sap that evens, lightens and brightens the skin and proves to be 62 times more effective than Vitamin C. This night cream has soft exfoliants within it that help resurface the skin. Pores are tightened and imperfections seem to fade away as you wake up with your skin glowing like no other.


It is amazing that they have a moisturizer, with an sun protection pf to follow up the night cream with.  In the morning time, after I shower, I drench my face and neck in this cream. Consistency wise, it is a lot thinner than the moisturizing sorbet, but that is to be expected since that is an intensive moisturizer. Also this product has fluid in the name, so I expect it to be of a thinner consistency anyways.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with Caudalie products from the few items of the line that I have tried. The message behind the brand is amazing, the smell, texture and performance of the products are immaculate and the results are flawless. I will continue to use their products because my skin and I are enjoying them thoroughly.  I also am very happy that they try to be as natural as possible and find organic ways to implement ingredients in their products that are super beneficial to our skin. Thanks for reading and see you soon!