Pin up Cosmetics review


Earlier last month, I came across a local vegan and cruelty-free brand, Pin Up Cosmetics and was intrigued. This San Francisco artisan based brand provides natural products that can glam up anyone! Pin up Cosmetics is 100% vegan, cruelty-free and without parabens, synthetics and other harmful chemicals. Pin up Cosmetics is not only available online but as well as in health food stores, specific boutiques and salons. Products that I will be reviewing are the clear lip gloss, mineral veil, foundation in shade Gorgeous Gracie and Blushing Betty Desire blush.


Starting with the gloss, packaging wise it’s packaged as your typical squeeze tube clear lip gloss. Texture is very thin with a soft peppermint scent. Upon first use, I was enthralled that the gloss wasn’t overly stick. One thing I think everyone despises about gloss is when the wind comes and your hair gets stuck in it. Thankfully I didn’t have an issue with this gloss. I enjoy the scent and I do not believe it was added for plumping purposes like other glosses on the market.


The only other mineral veil that I’ve heard of is from Bare Minerals, so when I received this mineral setting powder, I was intrigued. This powder differentiates in the fact that it is both paraben and talc-free, a difference that many high end brands can’t differ from. This setting powder easily glides on the skin while blurring out any fine lines in my skin. I noticed while wearing this product that my skin looked smoother in texture and my make up did last longer throughout the day. Overall, good setting powder for even my driest of skin!


The foundation shade in which I received, Gorgeous Gracie came packaged with an adorable powder puff for application which is delightful. The shade is almost a perfect match for my skin which is surprising because I always felt my Irish heritage has made it somewhat difficult to pick shades. I would consider this foundation sheer-medium coverage, build able with a natural finish. This is great for my everyday routine or my relaxed makeup kind of look as well.


Last but certainly not least is the phenomenal blush. This is the product that I was the most excited about and still am. There aren’t as many loose blushes on the market as they have been in the past. Blushing Betty is a beautiful strawberry coral shade with a sheen. I appreciate that very little of this product goes a very long way. Longevity isn’t exquisite with this blush, but it definitely held up great on my dry skin. Beautiful shade that I can incorporate into any makeup look, this blush has become one of my go to’s! Overall, i’m very pleased at the high performance of this brand and the cleanliness as well. If you have not familiarized yourself with Pin Up Cosmetics, you’re not living!


Disclosure: I received the products marked with (c/o) for review consideration. I am not compensated for mentioning these products, this is my honest opinion.


Summer 2014 Essentials!

With the hot weather recently, you can almost say that summer is here? With that being said, how do you change your make up regimen? What products do you rotate out of current use so that it’s suited for summer time? I’m going to introduce some of my summer essentials, products that I feel I cannot live without in the summer time. Summer time essential make up is all about simplicity. While you use less product in the summer time, products shift in order to bring out different physical features on each individual. For me, I love glowy skin, neutral and smokey eyes and soft cheeks are my essentials in summer.


What’s the first thing you have to do in summer time? Well that’s simple, stay cool. Sigma Cosmetics released this amazing set, the extended wear eye liner kit in cool which is one of my essentials in summer time. This set comes with three creamy, pigmented, long wear pencils and an amazing pencil brush.  This kit comes with the shades Focus, Electrify and Flirt. Focus is described as a beautiful duo chrome green brown. Electrify is described as a shimmery royal purple. Flirt is described as a shimmery vivid turquioise. This set comes with one of my favorite brushes, their pencil brush, the E30. The reason that I love this set for summer time is that you can truly create any look with these amazing liners. The wide spectrum of shades and finishes in this small set allows any artist to create any desired look. The brush is an amazing add on in this kit because it can easily take your liner to a smokey look. If you’re not familiar with Sigma Cosmetics or this set, you should be!


Who doesn’t love to be a golden goddess in summertime?  Too faced cosmetics released Sweethearts perfect flush, this amazing blush that truly gives the skin the most amazing glow. This dual colored blush is a beautiful combination of gold and rose pink. This is one of my first individual blushes from Too Faced and I have not been let down at all. The packaging is to adorable, I legit almost died when I first laid eyes on it. I love using my blush brush in both colors, or I sometimes concentrate my brush in one color to get an intensified version. This gold and pink combinations is suitable for any skin tone and anytime really! This will be a true essential in summer time!


Who doesn’t want to be called a hot mama? Introducing another of my essential blushes in summer time,  Hot Mama from the Balm Cosmetics. Similar to the Too Faced blush, Hot Mama is a gorgeous blush that is highly pigmented, portable and desirable by many. This peachy pink hued blush gives your cheek just the right amount of color with a pop of a soft shimmer to illuminate your cheeks. One of the reasons this blush is amazing is because of the packaging, on the cover of the blush is a sexy pin up woman clearly displaying a hot mama. But whats better truly is inside of the packaging. This blush is an essential in my makeup bag for summertime!


While I’ve shown you make up products so far, it’s always good to take into consideration the base canvas that you are working with. With already having dry skin, this is my essential product! For summer time, everyone is going to be looking for radiance, glow, illuminating products in both skincare and makeup. Let me please introduce you to my current essential daily moisturizer from Fresh Cosmetics, the Lotus Youth Preserve Radiance Lotion.  This is a lightweight moisturizer that delivers 24 hours of radiant moisture to the skin while packing in the Lotus youth preserve which protects the skin from signs of aging caused from free radicals.


With all the pools, oceans and sun time, your skin can feel very dehydrated. My summer time essential would have to be the GlamGlow thirstymud hydrating treatment.  Glam Glow is most known for the original treatment in the black container which also has an exfoliant in it. This is the hydrating treatment which not only hydrates and replenishes skins moisture, but it also calms the skin by giving short, medium and long term results. This product is not only subject to face but also neck and decollete area as well. With already having dry skin, I know that this treatment will not be necessary at least twice a week.

So now that you know my essential summer must haves, what are yours? I would love to hear what are you’re must have’s in summer time. Thanks so much for reading, and talk to you all soon!!

The Balm’s San Francisco store opening


On Janaury 22nd, Thursday, I had the pleasure to attend the first store opening for the Balm Cosmetics in San Francisco, California. This store is located at 788 Valencia Street in San Francisco and the shop totally fits the area. This cute little boutique is raving with classy etiquette along with screaming excitement like a candy store. With already being a fan of the Balm cosmetics for years coming, I knew that this was a golden opportunity to dive deeper into what the Balm Cosmetics truly is.  Their cosmetic line takes a easy-going and cute approach to products and the naming that follows along.  I would have to say their cult favorites for me have to be the eye shadows, specifically the shady lady palette’s.

040Upon arrival into the store, I was greeted by my sister, Chelsea along with hoards of hors d’oeuvres and cocktails to allow me to enjoy the night. Check out her review here! The amount of women, nails being done, makeup sessions, and flashing lights truly made me feel like royalty in this private beauty blogger opening party. I couldn’t stop swatching products, picking up new items that I have no knowledge on, and constantly raving about how amazing the Balm cosmetics is! This party was literally like a playground for me and i’m so thankful that I got to attend!


My sister Chelsea made sure to grab hoards of candid shots on her nice camera while I let my iPhone’s battery diminish as I used the camera. I unfortunately didn’t have enough time to grab my camera from home since I came to this event right after work. Every single person in the store was either thoroughly engaged in coverasation with fellow bloggers, employees or getting dolled up. While on my phone, I definitely tried to get the hashtag #thebalmsfparty trending. In this picture above we are delighted to get our goody bags, literally filled with holy grail’s from the Balm cosmetics.


The inside of this store is simply gorgeous. The gleaming chandelier caught everyone’s eyes as you walked in. It literally felt like candy land with the amount of product out to play with. I literally was swatching each product possible to make sure that I didn’t miss out on anything. Enjoy the loads of photo’s I took from this amazing event below!











Join me at IFabbo’s Social Media Conference!!


Exciting news!!!!! I will be attending this years, iFabbo Conference on October 12th in San Francisco, California!!  I would like to say thank you first and foremost to Marlena, also known as Make up Geek because she is the reason that I am attending this event. A while back, she posted a video on her Youtube channel allowing her subscribers to become one of ten lucky beauty bloggers to win tickets to this event.  I quickly entered the contest and waited hoping that I could win.  Shortly after the contest ended, I received the golden email letting me know that I became one of those lucky winners. Words cannot express my happiness and excitement for being able to attend this event!

Now about this event, what is iFabbo? IFabbo is the leading international organization for fashion and beauty bloggers/publishers. This exclusive event is suited for beauty bloggers and varied brands that have one day of jam-packed panel discussions on a range on topics. This event offers your favorites bloggers and brands to speak on numerous subjects such as monetizing your blog, photography/videography, PR, increasing traffic, legality and the future of fashion and beauty.  I look forward to learning how to improve my traffic, expanding, managing new forms of media and hopefully working with brands in the future. This event is going to be so amazing for me and it will help me advance and succeed in the beauty world. While I’m sure it’s going to be quite overwhelming, I am so happy that I am blessed to get to attend this amazing event.

I hope to meet anyone who is reading this at the conference.  If you happen to see me, please do not be shy and approach me! It would be my pleasure to get to meet and know you since were both involved in this beauty world together.  Please also stayed tuned to my social media accounts! I will be active on multiple accounts throughout the conference, especially tweeting with this #iFabboSFcon , so you can follow me @caitlinapearl .My sister Chelsea will also be attending, so check her out here! See you then!!

“Dulceday” at Benefit Cosmetics in Union Square, San Francisco California.

As some of you may already know, I am a free lance makeup artist for Benefit Cosmetics. Therefore, my job is to attend special events and prep clients for fashion shows, run ways, promotions, etc. This past weekend, I had the honor of working the famous event called “DulceDay” in honor of the fabulous Dulce Candy. Dulce Candy is a famous Youtube blogger/ guru who recently reached the big milestone of 1 million subscribers on her Youtube channel. She is a hip diva who has a passion for everything beauty whether it be fashion, jewelry, or makeup. For this event, Benefit Cosmetics allowed 300 booked appointment at the Union square locations that we 15 minute makeover sessions, how-to tutorial on makeup application by Makeup artists along with the guarantee of meeting Dulce and a signature tote bag by Benefit Cosmetics and Dulce.

My day started at 10 am as the girls busted into Macy’s running towards the Benefit Counter. As the girls lined up, I prepped my makeup train case which held all the golden items from Benefit such as the Porefessional, They’re real mascara and  Hoola bronzer. With brushes, almost the whole collection of Benefit products and lots of brush cleaners and sanitation equipment, the makeovers began. Each client was so excited to meet Dulce to snap a picture with her.  Also a majority of these clients came from all over to meet her! I spoke with clients who have come as local as the Bay Area and as far as New York City. The determination these ladies had to meet Dulce was beaming as they couldn’t wait to hug her.  While each makeover was scheduled for only 15 minutes, specifically focusing on one certain area of the face, whether it be eyes, eye brows, blush, contour, highlight, etc, I found each client asking for full face. While this was hard to resist, I found myself still doing my job while focusing on one area.

As the appointments kept rolling in, all the makeup artist frantically seeked into other artist’s boxes for certain products they would recommend to their clients since we were all swapping products. Before I knew it, it was already close till 2:00pm, the time that Dulce was supposed to arrive. As Dulce entered Macy’s, dressed in the cutest soft pink/champagne embroided dress, with pumps to match, the crowd screamed, it was then I knew it was going to get crazy…and loud! Dulce along with staff from Corporate at Benefit entered the beautiful stage and announced her arrival along with the golden benefit award for her amazing landmark on Youtube, as you can see in the above image.  As she began her acceptance speech, I then knew the focus was off us, the makeup artists, and now onto her. The line started forming along side the stage, continuing out the main doors and as far as around the block. Even though there were 300 appointments confirmed to meet her, an extra 300 or so arrived in hopes of meeting Dulce.

As the line still wrapped around the block, I was greeted by my amazing sister while I was on my break and I gave her the lo-down on the whole event. As she frantically stalked the cupcake distributors, I found myself grabbing her a total of three or four cute custom made cupcakes from Kara’s, that ranged from butter cream, chocolate and the delicious red velvet. As we engaged in our amazing sugar high, we watched the girls go from nervous to jubilant as they met Dulce. As we snapped pictures and enjoyed Dulce’s  last moments, I knew the time was bound to come so that I could snap a photo myself. The event was designated to last from 2:00pm – 5:00pm, but ran 30minutes past due to a late start and the enormous amount of people who wanted to meet her. At the end of the event, Dulce and the Benefit Corporate team spoke and it was then when we, as staff, could take pictures.  With corporate taking their picture first, the Benefit at Union square team was next. I raced up to the front and stood 2nd to the left of her. After our multiple group shots, I asked a co-worker of mine to snap a picture of just us and we chatted it up a bit as well. She is such a bubbly girl who has an amzing positive outlook on life. With knowing about her life story, via Youtube, I have grown so much more respect for her as a woman and as an artist. It was such a pleasure hosting you at my counter and getting a chance to meet you in person. Until next time we meet Dulce!!