Pin up Cosmetics review


Earlier last month, I came across a local vegan and cruelty-free brand, Pin Up Cosmetics and was intrigued. This San Francisco artisan based brand provides natural products that can glam up anyone! Pin up Cosmetics is 100% vegan, cruelty-free and without parabens, synthetics and other harmful chemicals. Pin up Cosmetics is not only available online but as well as in health food stores, specific boutiques and salons. Products that I will be reviewing are the clear lip gloss, mineral veil, foundation in shade Gorgeous Gracie and Blushing Betty Desire blush.


Starting with the gloss, packaging wise it’s packaged as your typical squeeze tube clear lip gloss. Texture is very thin with a soft peppermint scent. Upon first use, I was enthralled that the gloss wasn’t overly stick. One thing I think everyone despises about gloss is when the wind comes and your hair gets stuck in it. Thankfully I didn’t have an issue with this gloss. I enjoy the scent and I do not believe it was added for plumping purposes like other glosses on the market.


The only other mineral veil that I’ve heard of is from Bare Minerals, so when I received this mineral setting powder, I was intrigued. This powder differentiates in the fact that it is both paraben and talc-free, a difference that many high end brands can’t differ from. This setting powder easily glides on the skin while blurring out any fine lines in my skin. I noticed while wearing this product that my skin looked smoother in texture and my make up did last longer throughout the day. Overall, good setting powder for even my driest of skin!


The foundation shade in which I received, Gorgeous Gracie came packaged with an adorable powder puff for application which is delightful. The shade is almost a perfect match for my skin which is surprising because I always felt my Irish heritage has made it somewhat difficult to pick shades. I would consider this foundation sheer-medium coverage, build able with a natural finish. This is great for my everyday routine or my relaxed makeup kind of look as well.


Last but certainly not least is the phenomenal blush. This is the product that I was the most excited about and still am. There aren’t as many loose blushes on the market as they have been in the past. Blushing Betty is a beautiful strawberry coral shade with a sheen. I appreciate that very little of this product goes a very long way. Longevity isn’t exquisite with this blush, but it definitely held up great on my dry skin. Beautiful shade that I can incorporate into any makeup look, this blush has become one of my go to’s! Overall, i’m very pleased at the high performance of this brand and the cleanliness as well. If you have not familiarized yourself with Pin Up Cosmetics, you’re not living!


Disclosure: I received the products marked with (c/o) for review consideration. I am not compensated for mentioning these products, this is my honest opinion.


Melt Cosmetics review


What happens when you put two MAC pro artist’s together with creative minds? The answer is simply MELT Cosmetics. Founders and co-owners Lora Arellano ( and Dana Bomar ( created these ultra-matte lipsticks with vibrant colors. Oh and did I mention? Lora is Rihanna’s makeup artist!! Not only are these lipsticks 100% vegan, cruelty free, gluten and paraben free, each lipstick has the scent of vanilla cake too! From this collection, I now own a total of nine of their lipsticks. The first order I purchased seven lipsticks and my second purchase was two. The colors that I own are Darling, By starlight, Shady lady, Stupid love, Bang Bang, 6six6, DGAF, Space cake and Blow. The colors that I do not own is Belladonna, Belladonna 2, Bane and Summer. Each lipstick is $19 which is higher then I would typically like to spend however you have to pay for good quality.


These lipsticks are a retro-matte finish, so taking proper care of you lips before hand is key. I would highly recommend exfoliating, moisturizing, blotting excess moisture, lining and then applying the lipstick.  These lipsticks are a semi-long wear as long as you don’t have to much activity with your mouth such as eating and salivating. If you’re not sure what lip liners to pair these amazing lipsticks with, both Lora and Dana provide a multiplicity of MAC lip liner options on their website. These lipsticks can settle into the fine lines after hours of wear, but just throw on a lip gloss for added hydration and disappearance of lines.


When applying these lipsticks, they are buttery enough so that they do not tug on the lips when applying. However they dry down to a dry finish because of the matte finish.  The pigment in these lipsticks is ridiculously amazing. When wearing these lipsticks, no one should feel the need to layer another color to intensify the look. Packaging wise, these lipsticks are all matte black with the simple purple Melt logo down the side of the product. The name can be found on the bottom noted with a sticker like most lipsticks. There is no color indication on their packaging so for storage purposes maybe store upside down to easily grab your desired shade.


Melt Cosmetics is only currently available on their website, When ordering the lipsticks, standard shipping fee is applied. However on my first order, since i’m on their newsletter, they offered a free shipping code if your purchase was over $100. Their shipping is super fast, I remembered ordering on a Tuesday and I got my products no later than Friday! Now let’s see what they look like! These are going to be close up shots of the lipsticks. With this, you can clearly see which ones i’m currently loving.


Shady lady is described as medium cool toned magenta. This lipstick contains a slight sheen to it but very unnoticeable after it dries down to the ultra-matte finish. I feel anyone could truly wear this lipstick, especially in the summer time or warmer parts of the year. This color can be worn as a statement piece or you could sheer it out in order to make it work with other facial makeup.


Shady lady is described as bright dark fuchsia. This color can be worn for medium pay off after 1-2 swipes on the lips as well as being intensified with another layer or dabbing in the center of the lips. When I first wore this, a little bit really went the longest way. I believe because the pigment is so intense, that it allows you to build this lipstick to the intensity of your desire. 


Oh Darling! Darling is described as a cool toned lavender pink. These creamy lipstick applies beautifully to the lips with much ease. Because this is a lighter shade, i’m not sure that it would work on every complexion because it may look chalky on darker skin complexions. Unless properly paired with a good matching liner, this color could be unflattering on some skin complexions. 


Meet 6six6, one of the most current popular lipsticks from Melt Cosmetics. 6six6 is described as a cool deep merlot red. When I wear this shade, you can definitely see the brown come out. This shade truly gives you an opaque lip color in seconds. If you feel the need to intensify this shade, even though it’s powerful on it’s own, I recommend Nightmouth lip pencil from MAC or Black Dahlia cosmetic color pencil from OCC.


Oh how I love By Starlight! By Starlight is described as a cool toned medium/dark purple. I love layering this color to get full opaque deep purple lips. This was one of the first shades that I was super eager to get my hands on. Since purple is the color of 2014, I can see this shade being sold out constantly.


Don’t you ever want to channel your inner alien? Melt Cosmetics does and they made a lipstick just for that. Space Cake is described as a cool toned gray with blue undertones. This color looks exactly like it does in the tube once you apply it on your lips. I can truly say that I haven’t seen any other lipsticks this specific shade before in my life.


Do you give a fuck? Obviously Melt cosmetics doesn’t. DGAF is described as a dark cool toned blue. This lipstick is dark enough that it can truly play well on any complexion. Out of all the lipsticks that I have from Melt, I’ll admit that this shade is the most drying. I’ve found myself dabbing on the center of my lips throughout the day to keep the intensity going. Now I have another blue lipstick to add to my collection alongside OCC RX and Pool boy.


I’ve always had soft oranges and creme’s with a hint of orange, but nothing as powerful as this. Bang Bang is described as a warm bright neon orange. Oranges like this shade typically work best on deeper skin tones or tan people. However there are some exceptions since this is a warm toned lipstick. I love this lipstick and I think it’s definitely a summer must have!


Saved the best for last. Blow is described as deep cool toned teal, siding with both greens and blues. This newest addition to the Melt line is unlike anything else in the cosmetic field. I have never found something like this shade ever before. I love the creaminess of this lipstick and i’m glad that they purposely made it creamier. I love wearing this on colder nights as a deep lip with color.

The Balm’s San Francisco store opening


On Janaury 22nd, Thursday, I had the pleasure to attend the first store opening for the Balm Cosmetics in San Francisco, California. This store is located at 788 Valencia Street in San Francisco and the shop totally fits the area. This cute little boutique is raving with classy etiquette along with screaming excitement like a candy store. With already being a fan of the Balm cosmetics for years coming, I knew that this was a golden opportunity to dive deeper into what the Balm Cosmetics truly is.  Their cosmetic line takes a easy-going and cute approach to products and the naming that follows along.  I would have to say their cult favorites for me have to be the eye shadows, specifically the shady lady palette’s.

040Upon arrival into the store, I was greeted by my sister, Chelsea along with hoards of hors d’oeuvres and cocktails to allow me to enjoy the night. Check out her review here! The amount of women, nails being done, makeup sessions, and flashing lights truly made me feel like royalty in this private beauty blogger opening party. I couldn’t stop swatching products, picking up new items that I have no knowledge on, and constantly raving about how amazing the Balm cosmetics is! This party was literally like a playground for me and i’m so thankful that I got to attend!


My sister Chelsea made sure to grab hoards of candid shots on her nice camera while I let my iPhone’s battery diminish as I used the camera. I unfortunately didn’t have enough time to grab my camera from home since I came to this event right after work. Every single person in the store was either thoroughly engaged in coverasation with fellow bloggers, employees or getting dolled up. While on my phone, I definitely tried to get the hashtag #thebalmsfparty trending. In this picture above we are delighted to get our goody bags, literally filled with holy grail’s from the Balm cosmetics.


The inside of this store is simply gorgeous. The gleaming chandelier caught everyone’s eyes as you walked in. It literally felt like candy land with the amount of product out to play with. I literally was swatching each product possible to make sure that I didn’t miss out on anything. Enjoy the loads of photo’s I took from this amazing event below!