Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Review (Opal, Rose Gold and Champange Gold)


The craze of 2014 was definitely highlighting. Yes, I admit I became victim of it too. Whether it’s a matte highlight or a shimmering glow, highlighting is what 2014 brought to everyone’s immediate attention. With the rave of doing matte highlights, such as concealer, there was also a huge portion of clients looking for that soft or dominant glow on the high planes of their face. That’s where pressed and loose shimmering highlighters come into play. Becca Cosmetics, an Australian brand, is one of the leading high end cosmetic brands with raved about products, especially highlighters. Their called shimmering skin perfectors and they come in a range of shades suitable for all clients no matter their complexion. In my eyes, Becca Cosmetics is one of the leading queens in highlighters, or at least currently.


During the holiday’s last year, I decided to splurge on several highlighters from this brand to really see what the hype is about this brand. Their pressed shimmer skin perfectors run for $38 which isn’t bad considering the amazing product that’s in the compact. I picked up their top seller Opal (above image) Rose gold and their limited edition Champagne gold. I skipped out on Moonstone which is another popular shade for the reason that it’s pretty light. Opal is very comparable to MAC’s whisper of guilt limited edition highlight if you’re familiar. According to Becca, Opal is described as a golden opal pearl.


Who doesn’t love Rose gold? Becca describes Rose gold as a softened gold with rose tones infused into it. This highlighter is definitely a must have if you like a bronzey glow yet softer than a bronzer. Sometimes a golden glow to the skin is great but I feel that this highlighter just goes the extra mile. I love wearing this on my cheek bones on rather than on other areas on the skin to highlight. I prefer contouring and pushing this highlighter a little on top and above to create an amazing cheek look! Definitely worth checking out if you haven’t see this baby!


Who doesn’t love limited edition products? This Champagne gold beauty was limited edition during holiday of 2014 and when I saw it, I knew I had to have it. I’ll admit I am a sucker for limited edition products, I mean look at the gorgeous imprint on the highlighter! Limited edition to me means they know how amazing it is so you can only get your hands on it for a limited time! This beautiful highlighter is a lot darker in comparison to the other highlighters that I have mentioned. The great thing about this product is that I have to barely tap my brush in this product to get the desired pay off that i’m looking for.  This highlighter is definitely not targeted for my specific skin tone therefore for all my followers who are a little deeper than me, try to find this!

Overall my opinion of the Becca shimmering skin perfectors is A+. I love the soft buttery texture, the ease of application and the instant gratification that they all deliver. The shade range Becca offers to their clientele is great, and I only hope they expand in the future. For application, I recommend taking a nice fluffy brush to lightly apply this all over the face. Good brushes to use with this these products are the Sigma F35 tapered highlight brush or the Sephora Pro collection #65 fanbrush .


Iluvsarahii Face2Face Seminar in San Jose, California


June 8th was the second stop on Iluvsarahii’s first make up seminar titled Face2Face. I was lucky to gain this day off in advance so that I could attend this make up seminar. If you are not familiar, Iluvsarahii is a make up artist whose only social media platform is Instagram. On Instagram, she has over 322K followers and her images and videos are flawless. Even though I think she should have more platforms, this busy MUA is taking time off her main job of beating faces to teaching a classroom full of ladies her techniques. She thoroughly demonstrated dewy skin, lashes, winged liner, day looks, smokey looks and order of application.


The picture above truly doesn’t do justice but her application was stunning. As a make up artist myself, I knew and understood every step that she took during application. The only comment that I had is that she did not prep either of her clients with eye cream, instead one with Photo Finish from Smashbox and the other with facial moisturizer. With that being said, I do wonder the wear time for the under eye on each of her clients. I understand how important and essential eye cream is so that’s why I was shocked.


I would have to say that a big portion of this class that I enjoyed was highlighting and contouring. Because she used cream products rather than powder, I got to truly see first hand how beautiful it looked.  Seeing how harsh it was and then blended to softness in minutes was truly inspiring. I usually contour and highlight with powders but now I am going to take a second look for cream products. Cream also will truly help my drier skin with longevity as well.  Looks like I gotta get new products in my current rotation or find products that I enjoy using on myself and on clients.


Overall, a lot of information in this class was reassurance for myself. I found myself answering the questions she proposed and explaining why she chose those shades over others. This is all thanks to having my background in makeup and being an make up artist myself.  My attendance at this seminar was fun and well worth the commute to San Jose. Her tour was sponsored by so many amazing brands such as, Dose of Colors, Tarte, Beauty Blender, Ardell Lashes, Flutter lashes, Morphe Brushes and Vera Mona. The gratis bag at the end of the seminar was worth over $130, so it was well worth going! I gained her all time favorite products and well as learned how to use them since she demonstrated each one on her clients. Some of these products I’ve already owned and are familiar with whereas there are some that I am glad are being added to my collection.  Thank you so much Iluvsarahii for having this make up seminar and it was a pleasure meeting you!!

NARS One Night Stand Blush Palette Review


For holiday 2013, NARS came out with a  Guy Bourdin collection. This collection consisted of nails polishes, eye shadow duos, lipstick sets, blushes and most importantly of all, a cheek palette. This palette consists of one bronzer, one highlight and four blush shades. This collection was limited edition because it was only for holiday, so unfortunately it is not longer readily available. This six pan palette consists of some holy grails from NARS as well as three limited edition colors. Each individual pan in this palette weighs 0.14oz however if you were to purchase a blush alone you get 0.16oz of product. With each pan almost being almost full sized, it makes the price worth while in my opinion.


Packaging wise, I love it. This is my first NARS cheek product, and I will admit it is luxurious. This matte black palette has a simple autograph of Guy Bourdin in red lettering on the top. Once the palette is opened, you find a decently sized mirror to accompany these shades. This palette is pretty large, size wise, it’s even bigger than your hand. Even it’s size does not prevent me from taking this palette as I travel. The colors that are in current rotation and available individually are Laguna, Orgasm and Deep Throat. Whereas, Mistinguette, Goulue and Devotee are limited edition.

This palette comes with three well known classics. Starting off with the only bronzer, this palette comes with Laguna which is a warm toned bronzer with a soft sheen. Following this popular trend this palette is accompanied with Orgasm blush, a soft peachy pink with golden sheen. This next blush is partially the reason to why I purchased this palette, Deep Throat. Deep throat is a beautiful blush that is basically a toned down more rosey version of Orgasm. This blush is amazing because it works well with any combination of eye or lip look and it’s my personal favorite. Now onto the new goodies, first starting with Mistinguette blush which is a classic bright pink blush. The last blush that is in this palette is Goulue which is more of a medium rose pink. All blushes have a sheen/shimmer in them except Mistinguette. Last but not least is this amazing pink silver highlighter called Devotee.


So what are my overall thoughts? I love how this palette has three of the top sellers with three blushes/highlighter that are not as easily available since they are limited edition. The color wheel of this palette is great because it’s versatile enough to apply to a wide spectrum of clients. I think this a great palette to have for a client who is just starting out with NARS blushes and wants a couple of the top sellers. Also you can’t beat this price for all six colors. Just as a note this type of palette is only released once a year, typically around holiday time. To my knowledge, there have only been two other palettes like this released in the past, so this type of product is somewhat new.  Thanks for reading my review, until next time!

Hourglass Ambeint Lighting palette review


Hourglass Cosmetics is a luxurious brand that is known for the amazing foundations, long-lasting lip stains and most of all, their ambient light powders. Hourglass currently has six different ambient lighting powders. The ambient lighting powders capture and diffuse light in a way that brightens that skin while concealing imperfections. These powders are unlike your typical powder, these powders use photo-luminescent technology that is particles that refract light and create a transparent coverage. There is a wide range of shades so that there is a shade for every one.

Now onto the main course, the palette. This palette was limited edition for 2013 Holiday. As soon as I heard about the release of this palette, I knew that I had to get my hands on it. Not only was it limited edition, but it was a great way for me to try out three different ambient powders at the same time. For the price point and the size of the powders, I thought it was a complete steal. It was also very reassuring that when this palette became  sold out everywhere, I knew that I had already added it to my collection.


Packaging wise, this palette is very small and sleek, it literally fits in the palm of your hand. This palette has a good weight to it, truly makes it understandable that it is from Hourglass. The packaging is this medium deep brown shade with a super glossy finish. This palette has a small opening mechanism and inside comes with a decently sized mirror. This palette comes with three shades, Dim Light and Radiant light which are in the collection and then Incandescent light which is the limited edition shade. Dim light is a neutral peach that has both warm and cool tones. Radiant light is a golden beige that gives a subtly warmth to the face. Incandescent light is an opalescent pearl that truly brightens the skin.

This palette is accompanied with Hourglass’s only facial primer, the mineral veil primer. The mineral veil is suited for all skin types which conceals redness, softens the fine lines in the face and is pore minimizing. This primer also has a spf of 15 which is nice! Hourglass is also a cruelty-free brand that is without parabens, talc, fragrance and gluten. This primer glides on with ease and a little amount goes very far. I thoroughly enjoy this primer because I have very red cheeks, dry skin and love to minimize my pore size. The color of this primer is white iridescent that gives a luminous finish to the skin.


Now that you have a good concept of the palette, let me tell you my thoughts. I love this palette, to put it shortly. I am using the incandescent light the most currently to set my under eye concealer. Every time I wear this product, I always get compliments or questions to what exact product is it.  My second favorite shade is Dim light. I love using this shade to set my face all over to give a glow to the skin. I am trying more and more ways to incorporate Radiant light into my every day wear since it’s just as gorgeous as the other shades. The more and more that I use this palette, the more and more I fall in love. I don’t remember when the last time I used translucent powder to set my face, I just use these powders instead. 

Now should you get them, is it worth the hype? Yes!! They have a range of shades that fits everyone. This is a luxury brand so you are truly paying for the high quality of the product. Dim and Radiant light which are in the palette are permanent, so those are readily available. Each ambient lighting powder is $45, which is a lot I know, however it is totally worth it. Unfortunately this palette was limited edition so it’s no longer available. They might have a similar holiday set for 2014, so keep an eye out. If you haven’t played with these powders, or do not own any, please find interest in these powders because they have a lot to offer!

IMATS LA 2014 Review


I’m now back from having yet another fabulous weekend attending the International Make up Artist Trade show (IMATS) for the third time around. This past weekend was filled with so many fun activities, I can hardly count! Prior to traveling down to Pasadena, California, my sister Chelsea and I were invited to the Crown Brush blogging event on Friday, January 17th. This was an exclusive event only for beauty bloggers, so we knew we had to go! Please see prior blog post if you want more information on the Crown Brush blogging event. This was a great event to get insight to all the new goodies that Crown Brush was coming out with as well as getting pumped for IMATS. Of course after our excitement, we ended our first night with none other than Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles and boy was it amazing as usual!


We arrived at day one of IMATS around 9/9:30am, and the line was…. uhh yeah, long. I feel that as I’ve been going to these events that more and more people are finding out about this and attending so that there are longer lines all together.  Now it wasn’t a horrible line, don’t get me wrong, my excitement kept me alright, but it was a line that you needed to drink caffeine in since it would get crazy once you go inside to the convention. You literally needed all the energy your body could muster to keep up with all the intense shopping.  On day one, it was just my sister, Lindy and I who went together but we definitely met up with more amazing people once inside.


Once inside, my top priority was Sugarpill. If you are not familiar with Sugarpill Cosmetics, you ought to be!! The last two years I’ve missed out on the Burning Heart palette, which is the last palette in the collection to thus be complete. I have to get the individual palettes because last year they decided to come out with the Pro palette, which I basically now have. I didn’t see the point in getting it since I already had over 2/3 of the palette when it was launched. Anyhow, I got my palette and then some other goodies from them which I am very happy with. I think I’m good on products from Sugarpill until they release the Sparkle Baby palette.


After Sugarpill Cosmetics, we hopped over to Anastacia to get our dip brows and contours kits. After those two booths, it was kinda a blur, haha. We literally ventured around the whole convention center, weighed our chances with some lines and some that had none! One booth that I was very surprised with was Inglot. On both Saturday and Sunday, all throughout the day, I never saw a line. Last year the line was ridiculous for Inglot on both days! Weird how that happens sometimes.


I’m glad these two ladies didn’t get to sick of me this past weekend. I was literally like a kid in candy land when I walk into IMATS. There is so many pretty products, I literally just want to swatch everything or just buy it haha! From Anastacia, we literally roamed around the convention center, stopping at booths we had interest in and getting our fan girl pictures with our beloved YouTube gurus. This year was some much more relaxed than last years in regards to meeting our favorite YouTube gurus. We literally had the luck of meeting some outside of the convention center, or ones who had no line,  or if they hadn’t been approached yet. This year luck was for sure on our side!

P1000442I’m pretty sure that I love Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics(OCC) almost as much as I love Sugarpill. The pigmentation, longevity and cruelty free aspects of both of these lines is definitely a positive for me.  I kinda went crazy with some liptars and the new cosmetic pencils. The pencils are not instructed for lip only, so you can also use them for eyes as well! The deals at this booth were ridiculous that it’s easy to understand why I went a little crazy here.


There were some essentials that I needed to pick up from this trade show, one of which was Inglot blushes. I’ve heard raving reviews and the colors are simply gorgeous that I knew I had to get my own freedom system palette. It was reasonably priced to have a four pan blush palette, palette included for less than $45. In comparison to other blush palettes the convention was offering, there might have been better deals but not of this high quality of pigment.


Lashes were a big thing for me at this IMATS. I’ve personally never been a big lash person just because I am already happy with my lash length and I don’t feel that I need to wear them regularly. However when I saw Nigel has $1 lashes, I couldn’t resist. I only agreed on purchasing ten pairs, which is only ten dollars which is justified to me.  I vividly remember this elderly woman across from me who was literally counting her stacks of lashes and counted well past 100! I was like dang, she is not playing around! I understand that good quality lashes and good styles are not cheap, so when you can find an abundance at a good price, why not go for it?


One brand that I was super interested in exploring this round at IMATS would definitely be Sauce Box Cosmetics. Their eye shadow pans are very similar in size to that of Sugarpill, so that’s what attracted me. Be on the lookout for my review on Sauce Box Cosmetics eye shadows soon! I only picked one four pan colorful palette from them since none of the larger pan palettes shades attracted my attention.  The live artistry that was performed at this booth throughout both days was remarkable. I gained a chance to meet very talented free lancers, some of which are actually native to where I’m from!

P1000595Um duh I had to hit up my favorite Crown Brush booth! The amount of superior quality brushes that Crown brush had been phenomenal as always! Definitely picked up some of my favorite eye brushes, especially the fluffy ones for the crease, along with some duo fiber stippling brushes and some synthetic face brushes. The quality of Crown Brush is unparalleled to most cosmetic lines with brushes.


Naked Cosmetics has been the one booth that I have always debated on year after year. I already have so many loose glitters and pigments, that I truly don’t need any more, not to mention a stack of them. However, Naked Cosmetics is a brand that is throughly raved about for being one of the best, if not the best, brand for A plus grade cosmetics glitters and loose pigments. I saw some pigment stacks that did attract my eye, but not enough for me to settle on. Hopefully next year will be the year for me and you Naked Cosmetics!


My co-workers also made it down for day two of IMATS, so I had to get some candid’s of us 😉 Watching them shop was too adorable because it literally reminded me of how I was my first year at IMATS. They were so eager to get everything they wanted, hated the lines and could not stop smiling. I know I can plan to see them again next year since they’re already excited and talking about 2015. I’m glad these girls got a taste of IMATS, and if they’re addicted, it’s not my fault!


Um did I forget to mention that I went to a ballin ass after party a couple blocks away from IMATS? This elite invite was in promotion of the new Wayne Goss brush set, which was on display and might I saw was luxurious. My sister, Lindy and I attended this after party on Saturday evening and engaged in amazing horderves, cocktails, and amazing cupcakes. As we connected with other amazing bloggers and attendees, you won’t believe who walked in. Jefree Star and Kandee Johnson, Charisma Star just to name a few!! We got to speak with them in private, talk about how amazing they are and literally get to have a through conversation with people not trying to take a milllion selfies with them! I cannot express how baller this after party was and I have no one other to thank than my sister! Thanks sis for always knowing the goodies!

Overall this has been yet another successful year at IMATS. I feel that as each year goes by, I learn more and more what the cosmetic field has to offer me. The drive that I have for keeping my kit up to date with the latest raved about products keeps me blogging, making Youtube videos and being overly obsessed with new products. I am thankful that I have a team down to go every year and laugh at my obsession over makeup and constantly state that I don’t need products they know I’m picking up.  Well until 2015 IMATS, I can’t  wait to see how you’re going to top this year!

What’s your make up storage like?

Making our vanity as beautiful and as neat as possible is what every make up loving individual strives for. Whether it’s getting the infamous Alexander draw sets from Ikea, hoarding multiple acrylic storage cases, or filling up your desk draw, we all want the most organized vanity possible. I personally have several storage pieces on my vanity which house palettes, cream shadows, new items and more. However, as I expand more and more into this makeup world, it is getting harder to give homes to all of these products.

The first storage piece I would like to talk about is actually the newest to my collection. The one acrylic storage piece that I own was actually gifted to me from my sister, Chelsea. I was given the Cubby 5 draw acrylic storage set from Muji for my birthday! Now that I have this amazing piece, the question is, how to organize it and what items are going to be placed in it? With it being completely see-through, I need to be wise with the choices of products that are going to live there now. The five draws allow me to easily assign each draw to a type of makeup product if I would like.

Another storage piece that I have within my vanity is basically a file holder. I picked up this inexpensive, Paris decorated piece from Marshall’s that is now home to majority of my larger palettes. This storage unit is divided into six sections, three on each side, all of which are different in size and width. I placed all my palette’s vertically so that I can visually see which ones I would like to use. The slots on this storage piece are large enough to store a 120-pan palette, which is pretty large just to give you an idea. Unfortunately it does not store all of my palettes, but it gets the larger palettes out of the way.

My last piece of storage on my makeup vanity currently is a medium size storage piece from Target. This piece is three medium fairly deep-set draws which home most of my smaller palettes, individual glitters/pigments and more. I enjoy how deep-set these draws are so that I can stand up majority of my items upright and they still fit. Even though this storage piece is large, and takes up a good portion of my vanity, I am glad that I can store majority of my makeup in it and on top of it as well.

I’d love to know how you store your make up! Please leave a comment or even a blog post in response to this and I would love to hear different methods and techniques people use. Thanks so much for reading and talk to you soon!


Hey there everyone! So this past weekend I attended the International Make up Artist Tradeshow (IMATS) in Pasadena, California. This was my second time attending the event and I can tell you once again, that I will be going again next year! If you’re not familiar with what IMATS, it’s a make up convention that many labels, both big and small that sell makeup at a discounted price. So not only are major labels there such as Sigma, OCC, Limecrime, Makeup Geek, MAC and others, but there is also cinema makeup, make up schools and more! IMATS gives you the opportunity to see makeup in multiple lights whether it be for makeup artists, cinema or just for make up enthusiasts like myself.

Below is a haul from this past weekend at IMATS. You can see all the goodies I got. I will be posting reviews and detailed reviews on all products soon so keep an eye out for that! Enjoy!!