Pretty Zombie Cosmetics liquid lipsticks review


Several weeks ago, I placed a long overdue order of some liquid lipsticks that I have heard the blogging world go on and on about. I finally caved in and purchased five shades to truly see what Pretty Zombie Cosmetics is all about. Pretty Zombie Cosmetics is a cruelty-free and vegan brand that sells super pigmented liquid lipsticks, yay!  These liquid lipsticks are matte but are not transfer proof, smudge proof, kiss proof and especially are not stains. I picked up 5 of the current 7 shades they are offering. I chose to skip out on the pink (pink potion) and the black (black cat) because I own pink velvet and black velvet from Limecrime. Also pink potion was limited edition and they no longer carry that shade. Knowing that they are a different type of liquid lipstick, I couldn’t convince myself to gain two more similar if not exact colors to my collection.


Packaging wise is very similar to every day liquid lipsticks. These liquid lipsticks contain seven grams of product, which is a good amount if you ask me! Typical liquid lipsticks carry 0.20 oz to 0.26 oz which comes out to a little over six grams. Labeling is found on the top of the applicator with the name of the shade in black and a clear background of adhesive. I wish the product was printed on the tip instead, but that’s just personal preference.


Pigmentation is a whole other ball game with this product. This product comes with a doe foot wand that is saturated in the product. When applying, you immediately have enough to cover your larger lip, for me its my bottom. I then find myself dipping in once again to get more product for the top lip. I do recommend using a lip liner with these so that they don’t feather/bleed outside the lip lines. Some of the color apply more evenly then others I have noticed. I feel sometimes Zombettie doesn’t apply as evenly as I would like and I find myself going over it 2-3 times to get more opacity and to deepen the color. This isn’t me complaining, it’s just that I prefer a deeper red then what one coat will give instantly.


Colorful liquid lipsticks are my jam. These liquid lipsticks are beautifully pigmented, long wear and matte finish. My obsession currently is Purple Poison pictured above. I think the reason that I love this color in particular is because I don’t have anything in collection similar to it. In comparison, Potion #9, the image above Purple potion is more of a true lilac. With having a blue undertone, this gorgeous pastel lilac truly delivers.  I throughly enjoy that I don’t have to do a million layers to get opacity to my lips with Purple potion.


This color is a true purple yet on the camera it reads as more of a purple with a blue undertone. 3 witches would have to be another one of my favorites from the shades I purchased. 3 witches is definitely the darkest purple in the collection. This was a go to product in fall time for my purple shade. I feel this shade is very complimentary to multiple skin tones and it really can do no wrong.


Have you tried OCC Pool boy? Well meet the liquid lipstick version, Blue Moon! I was very intrigued by this shade and love to wear this as a pop of color on the lips. Super great pairing with a smoked out blue lash line and this lip to complement. Some clients may be intimated by this shade but I think it’s super fun. Overall I thoroughly enjoy these liquid lipsticks for multiple reasons. Vegan, cruelty-free, full coverage, matte, no fragrance, full coverage, long wear and the shade range.  If you haven’t taken a moment to check this brand out, I highly suggest you do!


Melt Cosmetics order


I have now finally fully completed my current collection of Melt Cosmetics lipsticks. Developed by Lora Arellano and Dana Bomar, both amazing MAC Cosmetics Pro artist’s piled together to create this amazing company. As you may have seen in a previous post, I have already done prior shopping with Melt Cosmetics and gained eight beautiful shades of theirs. For fall/winter of 2014, they released their limited edition shade named Dark Room, which I will get to in a moment. Since I was planning to make a purchase of their limited edition shade, it occurred to me that I was so close to having the complete collection of all shades at the current moment, so why not pick up the others? Well yes, that is what ended up happening to me.


Now you’re probably wondering, what is Dark Room? Dark Room is the name of the limited edition that Lora and Dana created in honor of Lora’s signature lip with her beau, now husband Solgr. Dark Room is a beautiful shade that is described as a deep beet color, composed of red and purple undertones. It is a gorgeous shade for fall and should always be paired with a nice lip liner in the similar color wheel. This limited edition shade is found in beautiful cool toned gray and black packaging unlike the black and purple standard packaging.


With picking up two of the limited edition shade, I knew that I might as well finish the collection since i’m so close. The next colors that I picked up were Belladonna 2, Summer and Bane. Belladonna 2 is described as a classic red with a pink undertone. Summer is a gorgeous soft creamsicle orange shade. Bane is a deep jet black shade. Images of the shades are below.





Now that their lipstick collection is in my hands, I have to wait patiently for the eye shadows stacks to release. For the company, I’ve been truly in love with all of their products. The quality of their products is amazing and if you have not tried, I highly recommend you check them out! Also be on the lookout for releases coming soon from them!

Makeup Geek Blushes 2014


Makeup Geek finally released her well anticipated blushes. With taking over 2 years to develop, she released a total of 13 blushes, four shimmers and nine matte’s. I heard about these blushes from Marlena directly at several make up conventions as well as beauty blogging events such as Ifabbo. With pure excitement, I knew that I had to order them immediately. These are blushes that I could not wait to get at a discounted price (IMATS). Also if you know me, it’s hard to buy products at full price when you can get them at a discounted price at a later point in time.

Makeup Geek blushes packaging

Since these blushes are amazing,  I could not wait to get my hands on these so I knew I had to place an online order. You know how that goes, I not only got the blushes I had been eyeing, but I also got an eye shadow and two pigments. I ended up purchasing five of the 13 blushes, all of which are more on the pink and peach side. I personalized my selection due to these blushes belonging in my personal collection. The shades that I picked up are Bliss, Smitten, Romance, Head over heels and Hanky Panky (not in that order in the image above.)  Each of the blushes came in her cute packaging with the name of the blush being visible on the back. I specifically purchased the pan blushes instead of the compact blushes because I wanted to place these in my Z-Palette.


The blush above is Romance and it’s no reason this blush is a top seller. Visually you are probably thinking Orgasm from Nars right? Yeah this blush is similar to Nars, but on crack! I would say this blush is a gorgeous soft rose with a golden sheen to it. On the cheeks is just amazing!


Next is Hanky Panky! This name gets me every time. Hanky Panky is described as a medium rose pink and it is just that. This is one of her matte blushes. The pigmentation is amazing, just a little touch of this blush goes a very long way.


Bliss is a beautiful light peachy coral. I had my eyes on this shade for a while because I think this will be my go to for summer time. This soft matte blush will be my main go-to blush for now until summers over. I’m excited about using this color so that I can stray away from my typical pink blushes which are my go to blush shades.


Smitten is another new colored blush for my collection. Smitten is a soft apricot shade. I can see myself using this shade lightly when doing an intense smokey eye or bold lip. If I were to load this up on my blush brush I still feel that I can wear that as well. This color excites me and I can’t wait to use more of it!


The last blush that I picked up is called Head over Heels. This blush is described is a soft bubblegum pink with a soft sheen. I was really intrigued by this shade because it was another blush that had a sheen but was super chunky. I love soften sheen’s in blushes rather than larger grades of shimmer/glitter in blushes.

Overall I am very pleased with my last purchase with Make up Geek Cosmetics. The blushes are getting more and more amazing every time that I use them. I find myself reaching to these blushes over my current ones in rotation within my vanity. I have nothing but great thoughts about these blushes. It’s going to be hard to resist getting the other shades to complete the collection. They’re definitely a cosmetic product worth looking at!

Influenster Vox Box Mary Kay Cosmetics


My latest Vox Box is such a delight! I have come across a fully loaded box of Mary Kay Cosmetic products. With my beauty score being my highest score on Influenster, it’s no surprise that I am receiving a box full of make up.  In this vox box I received nine different cosmetic products. Prior to this box, I have never tried Mary Kay products so I am interested in everything this brands has to offer. I am very interested to see how these products work for me and my skin’s sensitivity.

The Mary Kay lash love mascara claims to truly define, defend and deliver four times the volume in the shade, I ❤ Black. The gel eyeliner with the expandable brush applicator in jet black is a versatile eyeliner with intense color pay off. The cream eye color in apricot twist is a soft creamy eye shadow with a long wear formula.  The bronzing powder, unnamed creates a natural looking sun kissed glow. The beautiful mineral cheek color in Shy blush is a color to define your cheekbones. The Nouri-shine plus lip gloss in Mango Tango is a rich intense long wearing gloss. Translucent powders are my favorites so that is why I enjoy how it controls unwanted shine all day long. The Cream eye color/concealer brush is a must have for applying any cream products to the face. Last but certainly not least is the Mary Kay powder brush, it’s so soft!

















The packaging for these products was nice when arriving and after opening. The only down sides that I first thought about when receiving this package is one, the very small brush that comes with the gel liner. I don’t foresee myself using such a small brush to apply a thick gel product. Also another negative is that the concealer brush is already shedding really bad. I haven’t even used the brush yet but so many hairs have already dusted the box and my home. All the other products in this box I look forward to using and working with. I especially look forward to using the blush, it looks similar to Orgasm from Nars, as well as the cream shadow, the apricot shade is gorgeous! Look forward to my review on these products soon!

RiRi Hearts MAC Cosmetics collection review


I’ll have to admit, I finally gave in. I’ve never been the person to give in to the current hype over certain makeup products. However, this time is different. With being a fan of Rihanna from her early appearance, when I found out that she was coming out with a collection with MAC Cosmetics, I think I died a little bit.


In this collection of five, there are three retro matte lipsticks, one blush/bronzer duo and Luster drops. Soon after hearing the big news, I then heard of the first lipstick that she was going to pre-release from the first collection they made, which was none other than RiRi Woo. If you’re familiar with MAC Cosmetics, you must already know that they own a signature color called Ruby Woo, a classic matte red that everyone should have in their collection. Now there is RiRi Woo, a signature retro matte lipstick. RiRi Woo is described as a cool matte red, with a retro matte finish. It is a medium deep red with cool undertones. In comparison to Ruby Woo, there is a slight difference, the texture of the lipstick is somewhat stiffer and drier compared to the regular matte lipsticks. Another cool thing to note about this collection is that Rihanna’s signature is etched into all of her lipsticks. This lipstick gives full opaque coverage and its recommended to exfoliate, moisturize, blot your lips, line and then apply for overall satisfaction of this lipstick. This lipstick retails for $15.00 in the United States. Usually with MAC Collections, the signature of the ambassador is on the packaging of the product, not the product itself. So should you get it whether or not you own Ruby Woo? Initially it is up to you. If you like Rihanna and if you are a make up enthusiast such as myself, then yes, but other than that you will probably be better off without it.

Continuing along with the RiRi theme, the next lipstick that I picked up is RiRi Boy, my favorite item from this collection. RiRi Boy is described as a matte lavender lipstick. It’s a medium pink-purple retro matte finish lipstick. When I saw this lipstick online, I absolutely fell in love. I knew that I had to have this immediately. I’m so happy that it is accurately portrayed on the MAC website because it is exactly what I imagined it to be now that it’s in my hands. This lipstick gives full opaque coverage and its recommended to exfoliate, moisturize, blot your lips, line and then apply for overall satisfaction of this lipstick. This lipstick retails for $15.00 in the United States.

The last and final lipstick that is in the collection is Heaux. Heaux is a deep matte berry-red lipstick. This is a very deep color however it can be sheered out for lighter coverage. I like this lipstick a lot because it has both purple and red in it, but they do not over whelm one another.  If you’re going for a good deep berry lipstick, this would be worth while looking in to. This lipstick gives full opaque coverage and its recommended to exfoliate, moisturize, blot your lips, line and then apply for overall satisfaction of this lipstick. This lipstick retails for $15.00 in the United States.


Below are the swatches of all three lipsticks, with RiRi Boy being at the top, Heaux in the middle and RiRi Woo on the bottom.


The last product that I ended picking up from this collection is the bronzer and blush duo. Hibiscus Kiss is the name of RiRi’s chosen Satin finish bronzer and blush duo. With both products being of the same name, the bronzer ends up taking majority of this compact. While sometimes I thought why she didn’t split it half and half like most companies do, I can see now that the bronzer is the big issue in this duo. This is mostly a matte bronzer with some satin sheen to it, since it is a satin.  Hibiscus Kiss is described as a matte neutral bronze with medium yellow-orange undertones. This product retails for $26.00 and has build able coverage without looking to powdery. The other portion of this duo is Hibiscus blush, a soft coral pink with a sheen. I think this blush is a great fit for my personal usage, so when I saw that this was the paired blush, I was sold!!

004Thanks for checking out my review on Rihanna’s collection from MAC Cosmetics, hope you enjoyed!! Check out my First impressions video on this collection below!!

MAC Haul!

This haul is going to consist of two different visits to the Cosmetic Company Outlet. If you are not familiar with what a CCO is, it basically is a discounted make up that carries Estee Lauder brands such as MAC, Bobbie Brown, and even Smash box Cosmetics.  Not only do they carry makeup but also perfumes, all of which can be found at a discounted price. Upon my first visit to the CCO, I picked up a total of 6 items, three lipsticks, a lip liner, a blush and a pigment set. Upon my second visit I picked up two other lipsticks and a transparent setting powder. As you can tell, the second trip was not as difficult as the first, as in I didn’t purchase that many items. So overall, picked up five lipsticks  a lip liner, a blush, a set of pigments and a setting powder. All of these products are new to me, as in I have never purchased them before. Therefore this review is based on my initial impression of the products.

The first lipstick that I picked up is from the Ruffian collection, called Ruffian Red. This is a blue-based red lipstick that is somewhat bright. This is a matte lipstick, so when planning to wear this color, hydrate like crazy before hand, as well as exfoliating. When applying, color glides on smoothly with little effort and provides full opaque color to the lips. I will always wear any red lipstick with a lip liner before hand so that the color does not bleed and looks good.

Following in the same collection, the second lipstick I picked up is Ruffian Naked. Ruffian Naked is a rosy beige matte lipstick. When applying, color glides on smoothly with little effort and provides full opaque color to the lips. Because this is a nude, it can easily highlight the lines in your lips so its good to exfoliate and moisturize before applying this.  I’m loving nudes currently now that summer is coming up. This is a great lipstick that can be pared with any kind of eye or cheek look.

From the Marilyn Monroe collection, Holiday 2012, I picked up my third lipstick in Pure Zen. Pure Zen is a lightly frosted warm nude color that is a cremesheen. This is a re-promoted lipstick color, therefore it is not the first time it is being introduced to MAC. When applying, color glides on smoothly with little effort and provides full opaqueness to the lips. Packaging is cute, having the classic pin up of Marilyn on the product as well as her signature.

As my fourth, I picked up my first pro longwear lisptick in Dress it up. Dress it up is from the MAC Style drive collection. This collection came out with a total of six different lipsticks.  This lipstick is a blue based pink that has a creamy finish. In regards to coverage, this lipstick gives a semi- opaqueness to the lips.  The packaging of this lipstick differs from the typical MAC lipsticks as it is slender and has an easy closing mechanism which is helpful, it literally snaps close.

Now for a pop of color. The last lipstick that I chose to pick up is the MAC lustre lipstick in Razzle Dazzle. This lipstick is from the Asia Pacific region of the collection. This lipstick is a soft coral/peach color with a soft sheen. This lipstick was limited edition so I’m happy that I got my hands on it. It gives off a semi-opaque coverage to the lips. This is such a great lipstick to add my collection since I’m feeling the softer colors for lips at the moment.

Following along with lip products, I picked up my first official MAC Lip liner in Plum. This pencil is meant to line, shape and fill in your lips, initially giving any lipstick you layer over it with more longevity.  These lip liners are long-lasting and come in a variety of shades, most of which are matte. With that being said, these lip liners can be somewhat drying to the lips therefore it is recommended to prep your lips before hand with an intensive moisturizer. Plum tends to side more with the brown family then plum. While I was hoping it was have a touch more purple in it, hence the name Plum, I’m not disappointed with this lip liner. This lip liner pairs great with purple or deep color lipsticks.

With never previously owning a MAC pigment, I saw this crushed pigment collection and thought it would prove useful in my collection. This is the MAC Smoky Berry Crushed Metallic pigment set. Above are swatches of these pigments without and base and applied dry. It is highly recommended to use a base with this product along with some type of glitter/pigment adhesive.  The colors are as follows from left to right in the swatch above, Roasted Chestnut, Spicy smoke, Rose light and Pearl.  Roasted Chestnut is a dark chocolate-brown with shimmer. Spicy Smoke is an orange-red with a shimmer. Rose light is a soft rose-pink with metallic shimmer. Pearl is a true frosted white. These colors pair great with my blue eyes!

A soft lavender blush is what Full of Joy from MAC is. This blush is lavender with a frost finish, but the finish is very soft, not super frosty. There is definitely a blue undertone with satin sheen in it.  There is good color pigmentation in this blush and it is definitely build able.  In regards to the product, when dipping your brush in the pan, you get a good amount of powdery residue left over, therefore always tap off your brush before using.

MAC Translucent finishing powder

The last item that I picked up is from MAC’s prep and prime collection. I have always been interested in their setting powders, so I am happy that I can finally try out a nice translucent/transparent finishing powder from them. This product is advised to be used to set foundation or to be used on bare moisturized skin to give a more flawless finish and look to the skin. Because this is a white powder, we all know that we are all scared if this product will give your skin that white cast if you happen to take any flash photography. I haven’t experienced the white cast in my own usage, but I can understand if you use to much of this product you could create that.

Thanks so much for reading and see you guys next time!


Major Drugstore Haul (Target, CVS and Walmart)

It’s about time that I do a huge drugstore haul! Even though I really don’t need any more makeup, especially after going to the International Make up Artist Trade show (IMATS) this year. My haul consists of lipsticks, powders, foundations, eye liner, creme eye shadows, facial moisturizer, concealer, makeup wipes and mascara. So basically everything, lol.

The first lipstick that I got was from Wet n Wild called Dollhouse Pink, a very popular neon bright pink which is the bottom swatch. This is one of the colors that I have heard many people talk about, and now I understand why. When applied, this color is very similar to that of MAC’s Candy Yum Yum, just a slight bit more neon, if that was possible lol. This color swatched beautifully and I could tell right off the bat that it’s extremely pigmented and creamy. This lipstick is definitely a win for me!  The second lipstick that I picked up from the same company is Nouveau Pink, a color that was semi-disappointing above for the top swatch. When swatched, this color is very shear. This color looks like a gloss with a sheer magenta in it. Even though this product is in lipstick form, it appears on lips and swatches like a gloss. While that’s a disappointment, the pigmentation isn’t that bad, so I can see myself using this product.

The other lip products that I got to pick up were the infamous Maybelline Color whispers. The first color is Faint for Fuchsia which is a rose pink which is the bottom swatch. The other color that I picked up is Mad for Magenta which is the top swatch. With already knowing a little bit about these lipsticks, I knew that they were going to appear more as a gloss, so I was not surprised when I swatched the lipsticks. I would typically use these if I wanted to top it over a nice opaque lipstick or if I’m in a rush and I just want a wash of color on my lips. Overall, I feel that these could be a little cheaper knowing that they aren’t packed with color pay off, but that’s just my opinion.

If I am not the latest person in the world?!? I finally got my hands on five of the infamous Maybelline Color Tattoo’s.  Maybelline states on their website, “Dare to wear our longest-lasting shadow. Our ink technology creates super-saturated color. Cream gel smoothes on for vibrant color that does not fade.”

With the range of colors that I picked up, i’m putting these color tattoo’s to the test! I am already a huge fan of creme eye shadow bases, so when I heard that rave about these I knew that this time I had to pick up a few. The colors that I picked up are “75 Electric Blue”, “05 Too Cool”, “55 Inked in Pink”, “25 Bad to the Bronze”, and “70 Barely Branded”.  My color selection is purely based on what colors I would actually wear, a yes I will wear that beautiful blue color!  *All swatches above are without base/primer.

L’Oreal had some goodies that I wanted to try out, first of which is the L’Oreal Infalliable eye shadow in Endless Sea.This product appears as a pressed eyeshadow, that even has a little stopper within the packaging, which is a great idea to make sure the product doesn’t get everywhere. I was really attracted to this color, a kind of green teal color. Surprisingly, the other softer and natural colors such as browns and golds didn’t attract my attention while on display.

The next product that I picked up was the L’Oreal Telescopic shocking extensions mascara in 971 black. One of my girlfriends told me that this drugstore mascara is amazing and that I  have to try it. With already being a fan of L’Oreal Voluminious mascara, I thought I’d give it a shot. The wand on this mascara is surprisingly thin and small, but it allows you to really get into your lashes and coat as many as possible. With applying two coats, between each I let them set, I am decently surprised how many lashes appear. The only negative that I experienced after applying two coats is that it looks somewhat spidery. I’m not giving up on this mascara yet, but I just wanted to note that.

The other product that I picked up from L’Oreal was a true surprise. I honestly thought that this product was discontinued and I thought that I would never be able to get my hands on it. While at my local target, there was an abundance of the L’Oreal Magic Smooth Souffle foundation and they were all on sale!  I picked up this product in the color 512, Classic Ivory. When selecting my color, I was very intimidated because as I went through the color range, which wasn’t too bad, most of the products seemed way to dark, so I stuck it safe with one of the lighter foundations. This is a whipped creme foundation that I have heard nothing but good reviews from Rachel Whitehurst. To see her love for the product, check it out here in her empties video.  Hopefully I can have the same love for this product once I wear it a lot more, but for right now it is lovely!

From Maybelline, I gained a couple goodies. I only picked up one powder from Maybelline, the Shine free oil control loose powder. Not that I have dominantly oily skin, but I know that this powder will become a staple in the summer when the temperature increases. This product claims to give a matte finish, so hopefully it will help with my t-zone in the summer. I picked up this product in the color in 01 Light.

The next two products that I picked up from Maybelline are the Instant Age rewind foundation and concealer, two other products that have been raved about in Youtube videos and blogs.

For the foundation, I picked up the shade 190, Nude and for the concealer, which I was use as a highlight, in shade 120 light pale. Both of these products have a little sponge applicator tip which you twist in order to get the product out.While there are some people who don’t believe this is the best packaging for sanitary reasons, I personally have no problems with it. Loving the concealer so far and I cannot wait to try out the foundation. So far I am loving this!!

L'Oreal Dream Lumi Concealer

The last product that I picked up is the infamous Dream Lumi touch concealer. I specifically picked this us because I love an illuminated look underneath my eyes while the concealer still covers my circles and discoloration. I picked up this product in that shade.

Following the same with under eye pen like concealers, I got my hands on the Hard Candy Lite Bright. The Lite Bright is an under eye concealer pen which you twist at the bottom which allows the product to come out of the tip of the brush applicator. This concealer really illuminates while still covering what I need it to!

Oh how I love Revlon! I once again picked up one of my favorite drugstore foundations, the Revlon Color Stay 24hr wear foundation in 250 Fresh Beige. This foundation and I go back several years and it is still a foundation that I see myself grabbing on the regular. I love how Revlon now made two different lines, one for normal/dry skin and one for oily/combination skin.  With these two individual lines, it makes it easier for the buyer to know what foundation is better for her skin type.

Revlon Nearly Naked Face powder

The other product that I picked up was a product that I was probably the most excited about, none other than the Revlon Nearly naked face powder in 020 Light Pale.  The creaminess of this powder is stunning. When reading and hearing reviews on this powder, I knew I had to see and feel it for myself and man these girls were not lying, that powder is sooo nice! I love that it gives a matte finish to the skin.

Revlon mineral lipglaze swatch

The other product that I picked up was sort of impulse buy, the Color Stay mineral lipglaze in 512 nearly nude. I was quite surprised with this lip product because it came out a lot more pigmented than what I expected. This color comes off more on the brown/tan side of a nude color and this product can look great on its own or over a lipstick.

Simple moisiturizer

The last three products that I picked up were simple items. I picked up the Simple Replenishing rich moisturizer, the Neutrogena oil-free cleansing make up wipes and a Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Mud Spa Fabric Mask.

Neautrogena makeup wipes

Face mask

*Disclaimer: I purchased all products with my own money

If you guys want me to do any follow-up reviews on products once I’ve tried them out for a while, please let me know down in the comments and I would love to write or make a video responce 🙂

Check out my Youtube video on this haul below!