Melt Cosmetics order


I have now finally fully completed my current collection of Melt Cosmetics lipsticks. Developed by Lora Arellano and Dana Bomar, both amazing MAC Cosmetics Pro artist’s piled together to create this amazing company. As you may have seen in a previous post, I have already done prior shopping with Melt Cosmetics and gained eight beautiful shades of theirs. For fall/winter of 2014, they released their limited edition shade named Dark Room, which I will get to in a moment. Since I was planning to make a purchase of their limited edition shade, it occurred to me that I was so close to having the complete collection of all shades at the current moment, so why not pick up the others? Well yes, that is what ended up happening to me.


Now you’re probably wondering, what is Dark Room? Dark Room is the name of the limited edition that Lora and Dana created in honor of Lora’s signature lip with her beau, now husband Solgr. Dark Room is a beautiful shade that is described as a deep beet color, composed of red and purple undertones. It is a gorgeous shade for fall and should always be paired with a nice lip liner in the similar color wheel. This limited edition shade is found in beautiful cool toned gray and black packaging unlike the black and purple standard packaging.


With picking up two of the limited edition shade, I knew that I might as well finish the collection since i’m so close. The next colors that I picked up were Belladonna 2, Summer and Bane. Belladonna 2 is described as a classic red with a pink undertone. Summer is a gorgeous soft creamsicle orange shade. Bane is a deep jet black shade. Images of the shades are below.





Now that their lipstick collection is in my hands, I have to wait patiently for the eye shadows stacks to release. For the company, I’ve been truly in love with all of their products. The quality of their products is amazing and if you have not tried, I highly recommend you check them out! Also be on the lookout for releases coming soon from them!


Summer 2014 Essentials!

With the hot weather recently, you can almost say that summer is here? With that being said, how do you change your make up regimen? What products do you rotate out of current use so that it’s suited for summer time? I’m going to introduce some of my summer essentials, products that I feel I cannot live without in the summer time. Summer time essential make up is all about simplicity. While you use less product in the summer time, products shift in order to bring out different physical features on each individual. For me, I love glowy skin, neutral and smokey eyes and soft cheeks are my essentials in summer.


What’s the first thing you have to do in summer time? Well that’s simple, stay cool. Sigma Cosmetics released this amazing set, the extended wear eye liner kit in cool which is one of my essentials in summer time. This set comes with three creamy, pigmented, long wear pencils and an amazing pencil brush.  This kit comes with the shades Focus, Electrify and Flirt. Focus is described as a beautiful duo chrome green brown. Electrify is described as a shimmery royal purple. Flirt is described as a shimmery vivid turquioise. This set comes with one of my favorite brushes, their pencil brush, the E30. The reason that I love this set for summer time is that you can truly create any look with these amazing liners. The wide spectrum of shades and finishes in this small set allows any artist to create any desired look. The brush is an amazing add on in this kit because it can easily take your liner to a smokey look. If you’re not familiar with Sigma Cosmetics or this set, you should be!


Who doesn’t love to be a golden goddess in summertime?  Too faced cosmetics released Sweethearts perfect flush, this amazing blush that truly gives the skin the most amazing glow. This dual colored blush is a beautiful combination of gold and rose pink. This is one of my first individual blushes from Too Faced and I have not been let down at all. The packaging is to adorable, I legit almost died when I first laid eyes on it. I love using my blush brush in both colors, or I sometimes concentrate my brush in one color to get an intensified version. This gold and pink combinations is suitable for any skin tone and anytime really! This will be a true essential in summer time!


Who doesn’t want to be called a hot mama? Introducing another of my essential blushes in summer time,  Hot Mama from the Balm Cosmetics. Similar to the Too Faced blush, Hot Mama is a gorgeous blush that is highly pigmented, portable and desirable by many. This peachy pink hued blush gives your cheek just the right amount of color with a pop of a soft shimmer to illuminate your cheeks. One of the reasons this blush is amazing is because of the packaging, on the cover of the blush is a sexy pin up woman clearly displaying a hot mama. But whats better truly is inside of the packaging. This blush is an essential in my makeup bag for summertime!


While I’ve shown you make up products so far, it’s always good to take into consideration the base canvas that you are working with. With already having dry skin, this is my essential product! For summer time, everyone is going to be looking for radiance, glow, illuminating products in both skincare and makeup. Let me please introduce you to my current essential daily moisturizer from Fresh Cosmetics, the Lotus Youth Preserve Radiance Lotion.  This is a lightweight moisturizer that delivers 24 hours of radiant moisture to the skin while packing in the Lotus youth preserve which protects the skin from signs of aging caused from free radicals.


With all the pools, oceans and sun time, your skin can feel very dehydrated. My summer time essential would have to be the GlamGlow thirstymud hydrating treatment.  Glam Glow is most known for the original treatment in the black container which also has an exfoliant in it. This is the hydrating treatment which not only hydrates and replenishes skins moisture, but it also calms the skin by giving short, medium and long term results. This product is not only subject to face but also neck and decollete area as well. With already having dry skin, I know that this treatment will not be necessary at least twice a week.

So now that you know my essential summer must haves, what are yours? I would love to hear what are you’re must have’s in summer time. Thanks so much for reading, and talk to you all soon!!

Sugarpill Addicted to pretty collection

Founder/Creator of Sugarpill, Amy and I

It’s about time that I featured one of my favorite brands on my blog. If you’re not familiar with Sugarpill Cosmetics, you are clearly living under a rock. Sugarpill Cosmetics, based in Berkeley California, is a 100% cruelty-free and vegan line that has richly pigmented cosmetics. It was actually thanks to Queen of Blending that I found out about Sugarpill Cosmetics, who is also really good friends with Amy. It’s now also thanks to Amy that I am even more comfortable to use bright colored cosmetics all over the face.


Sugarpill cosmetics has unparalleled eye shadows for not only their outstanding pigmentation, but also the size of each eye shadow is quite large. In comparison, a typical MAC eye shadow is about the size of a quarter whereas Sugarpill eye shadows are the size of a half-dollar. Not only are they generally larger in size, there also way more pigmented and are available at a lesser value! Sugarpill is not alone with just their eye shadows, they also have loose eye shadows, pigments, lashes,  and even brushes. With all of their amazing products thus far, it keeps me excited for whats in store next.


Each palette in this collection had the above packaging. Super cute pink design with crown like details accompanying the name Sugarpill. Prior to this packaging, the palettes were blue with similar if not same design. Due to Sugarpill debuting for the first time at IMATS 2010, they’ve changed their packaging to all pink.  The palette is relatively small, small enough to fit in your hand. The packaging is predominantly cardboard, so this product is somewhat sturdy. Each palette also is accompanied with a small mirror that is useful when traveling with the palette.


The addicted to pretty collection is composed of three main palettes along with multiple individual eye shadows. From this collection, I own the three main palettes. The palettes in this collection are Burning heart, Sweet heart and the Heart breaker. The colors in the Burning heart palette are the following, Flamepoint, Buttercupcake, Love+ and Poison Plum. In the Sweetheart palette, the colors are Dollipop, Afterparty, Midori, and Tako. Last but certainly not least is the Heartbreaker palette with Mochi, 2AM, Acidberry and Velocity.

Sweetheart palette

Above is the sweetheart palette. This was the second palette out of three that I obtained via IMATS. The white shade Tako is the most used in this palette for my underbrow highlight. I also throughly love Dollipop which is the vibrant pink. Midori is a beautiful forest green shade. Afterparty is a vibrant deep blue shade. I use Afterparty and Midori often when I do an ombre eye shadow look, or even in my brows

Sweetheart palette back

Isn’t the backside of the packaging adorable?!?! I love the color concept, the colored writing, and the style. This packaging concept makes it very clear to see what colors are in the palette, which are all designated by shade which is smart. I love how you can easily find contact information on the left side of the packaging below the cat. Oh and did you know, the white cat on the packaging is Amy’s real cat named Tako?!?! Cute huh!

Burning heart palette

The burning heart palette was the last of the three palettes that I obtained. It took me a while to get my hands on this last palette because it is the most popular one. This palette was constantly sold out at IMATS so I made it apparent this year to go to their booth first to ensure my pick up. This palette is loud with such vibrant colors, all of which are complementary to one another. Poison plum is definitely my favorite in this palette. However each other color is very individual and unique. Buttercake is the most vibrant opaque yellow i’ve ever used. Flamepoint is a true red which is very hard to make because red is not a natural shade. Love + screams sunset orange to me and is truly beautiful used alone or combined with other shades.


Last but certainly not least is the palette that I have had the longest in this collection, and also have gotten a lot of usage out of. This is the Heart Breaker palette, the bright cool toned blue, green and purple palette.  Acidberry is warm limegreen shade with some sheen to it. Velocity is the definition of ocean blue that is matte. 2am is my favorite and that is a warm purple toned matte shade. Last but not least is Mochi which is a cool toned matte teal.


This was my first ever eye shadow palette from Sugarpill. I’ve used this palette so much that Mochi isn’t fully adhered any more, if I tip the palette over, Mochi falls out. While this is easily fixable, it just comes to show how much work I’ve put into this palette. As you can see in the image above, 2Am and Mochi are very well used. Lately i’m starting to get more usage for Acidberry, especially in my inner tearduct area when I am doing a fade effect on my eye lid.  Using Acidberry on the inner corner, Mochi on majority of the lid, Velocity in the outer corner and 2AM in the crease is a go to look using this palette.

Overall I give Sugarpill an A+ for this palettes and everything else in this collection. I think the brand is simply amazing, the pigmentation of the products is outstanding and the longevity is impeccable. Sugarpill has definitely set the bar high for competing cosmetic companies. Not only is the bar raised for cosmetic companies, but especially for companies who are 100% vegan, gluten and cruelty-free as well! Also it’s not available to get all three of these palettes together in their “Pro Palette”, something that I missed out on since I already owned half of the palettes when it launched. I only look forward to the next amazing product Sugarpill will launch!


OCC rep Queen of Blending comes to work!


Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) is 100% vegan and cruelty free New York based brand that is simply amazing. Their products are long wear, highly pigmented and are on the cleaner side for cosmetics. Like every brand, there are brand reps that go around and visit locations where their brand is sold at in order to promote the cosmetic line and obtain sales. For OCC, the only current rep is Lauren, also famously known as the Queen of Blending. If you are not familiar with who she is, you really need to step your game up.


I have been personally following her since 2006, back in the Myspace days. It is thanks to her that inspired me to get into the cosmetic field and really pursue this itching desire of mine. Her daring bright looks is what attracts me as she is not afraid to step outside the border of what the “norm” of make up is. Now her name states that she is the Queen of Blending, that is literally no joke. Blending is a key for makeup collectively whether its complexion, eye make up or even cheek and lip products. Her blending is literally just as immaculate in person to how you view it on social media. I can’t even explain enough of how amazing her artistry is, please check out her social media platforms to view her art.


When I gained the first chance to meet her in 2012, I literally died. We actually had time to talk it up and she got to learn my name and understand how much of an inspiration she was to me. Also I was featured on her social media of the image that we took at IMATS. The next year when we saw each other, we literally chopped it up in discussion and she remembered who I was!! When that wasn’t enough, people started walking by saying “who is the girl Queen of Blending is talking to, she like really knows her!” I lightweight felt like an important person!!


Fast forward now, I found out that Queen of Blending was coming to the bay area to visit both Sephora locations, one on Powell Street in San Francisco and then my Emeryville location. I literally died when I heard that she was coming to my work location because I just saw her at IMATS the past weekend in Pasadena, California and was amazing as always! It was nice to see her come to my neighborhood because every time I’ve seen her it’s been at IMATS. My excitement was out of this world as I brainstormed to think of what look I could do that would truly represent how much of an admirer I am of hers.


On January 28th, I came in early to work so that I could purposely hear her training in the morning and have time to hang out with her before I had to work.  When I came into work, I walked in to the back and her reaction when we saw each other was priceless. We both got over joyed and were excited to see one another. After that, we were literally attached at the hip. She did a morning training, that is what your viewing in the image above. She discussed how pigmented the liptars are, how they can be used multiple ways such as cheek colors, bronzers and even highlighters. She also brought the newly released cosmetic color pencils that were launched on Sephora’s website that same day. The colored pencils are not defined to be lip pencils only so they also can be used for the eye area. I was so excited cause she mentioned that I had the pencils so if you wanted further knowledge, Caitlin knows! I literally died when she said that and couldn’t stop smiling.


After the training, I hung out with her on stage, but one hour before my shift started, one of my co-workers said we should go eat. I offered it to Queen of Blending if she was hungry and she jumped on the offer. So um yes, I definitely had lunch with the Queen of Blending, it’s still unreal. Not that we went anywhere fancy, it is a mall people, but just the idea that I can sit down with her to eat as one of her friends, ah! I truly gained time to just talk to her as a person, not trying to grab a pic and do small talk like most do at IMATS. We talked and talked, laughed it up and she opened up on how warming our cast and location is and how it’s better than Powell street in SF!


At lunch, I asked her if Shrinkle was coming since she was at Sephora Powell st location yesterday and she said no because she was busy. If you’re not familiar with Shrinkle you should be! Shrinkle aka Amy, is the owner and founder of Sugarpill Cosmetics. This is another brand that the Queen of Blending works very close with. Sugarpill Cosmetics is phenomenally pigmented, vegan and cruelty free as well. They specialize in vibrant colors that are packed with pigment. Literally no other brand in the game is as pigmented as Sugarpill.  Anyhow later in the day it turned out that Shrinkle got free and stopped by Sephora too! Another fan girl moment, when Shrinkle and I saw each other she said “Hey, I just saw you last weekend at IMATS” ahh I literally died again. I am so happy that both of these women remembered who I was after 1-2 encounters with them. Just when that wasn’t enough, Cora decides to pop in knowing that Queen of Blending was going to be here. So duhh I had to take a picture with all three to capture this golden moment. Overall this day was AMAZING to put into one word. Our parting was bittersweet but it won’t be too long again before I see her next. Thank you Lauren for coming to my location, reassuring everyone how amazing OCC is, hanging out with me and still being my constant inspiration in this make up world ❤

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette Review

It’s finally here! The third edition to the infamous Naked collection from Urban Decay is now in my hands! Being a complete Urban Decay junkie, I knew that I had to get my hands on this bad boy once it was confirmed that it was being released and was not a hoax. This brand new 12 pan palette consisting of all rose gold toned shades is an absolute must have for any other make up junkies out there and people who agree that rose gold shades are gorgeous. Also did you know that each shade in this palette is actually full size?!?!? Each shade is weighed at 0.05 oz which is equivalent to a full-sized eye shadow.This palette is definitely composed of more warm toned shades. Overall, this palette’s filled with eye shadows that are highly pigmented, soft and blend-able.

This palette is priced at $52 and comes with some goodies inside. This palette is accompanied with the new dual karma brush. The dual karma brush is a synthetic brush that has a flat shader on one side and a crease brush on the other. I really like the flat shader brush in this palette because you can use it also for concealer since its synthetic. Unlike other palettes that come with full size brushes, this brush I think is amazing. Unfortunately I feel that this brush doesn’t get as much credit as it should since some people literally throw it away when receiving the palette. I wouldn’t say that it’s unfortunate that we got this brush in this palette, but it’s nothing new to the Naked line since a similar  brush came in the Naked 2 palette.

The one additive that none of the other palettes got is generous samples of all four current eye shadow primers. Each eye shadows primer sample holds a week’s worth of primer. The eye shadow primers that come in this palette are Original, Sin, Eden and Anti-again. For some who may not know, Original is translucent, Sin is a shimmer champagne, Eden is a pure yellow matte and Anti-again is translucent with some healthy vitamins and proteins for the eye area. In my personal opinion, I think they should have paired the old primer, Greed, with this palette since that primer is gold shimmer. I think that primer would have paired excellently with this palette knowing that 9 of these shades have shimmer in them.

Now onto packaging, a point that matters to most people. Some people were thrilled with this packaging whereas others not so much. The people who were thrilled with this packaging appreciated the sturdiness of it, how easy it is to clean and also since it’s fairly sleek. Whereas, others complain that the packaging is very reminiscent of a pencil box that you had in grade school. Or why didn’t they differentiate their packaging from the Naked 2 palette? I’m personally glad at least they did not do the velvety packaging that the original Naked palette has because through wear and tear, the label started to break down and I couldn’t keep it clean. I do not mind the packaging of this product, I enjoy that I can easily wipe down this palette, especially when I spill products on to it.


Now, the main attraction, the twelve brand new eye shadows. This palette is visually very appealing to the eyes. It’s so pretty that I am almost afraid to start swatching and actually using the eye shadows. Regardless, I will always have an image of what it looked like before I dove into the palette. This palette is consisted of twelve brand new eye shadows. I don’t know about you guys, but I truly do appreciate when companies bring out brand new shades that cannot be found in other palettes, or anywhere else in the collection. To my current memory, I believe the closest rose gold shade in Urban Decay that launched before this palette is Toxic, a beautiful medium rose gold shade that can be found in their last released limited edition palette, the Vice 2. However in this palette, there is not one shade that is similar to that. I am please that Toxic was not repeated in this palette since the Vice 2 came out before Naked 3.


You also still get the full size mirror that can be found in the Naked 2 palette. I enjoy this mirror compared to the smaller mirror that can be found in the original Naked palette. With this palette, this mirror can actually be used to apply make up whereas I couldn’t really do that with the other Naked palette. Urban Decay ensures that your products will arrive in great condition, so they take the extra steps to protect the mirror and brush by having them wrapped in plastic. As long as my mirror is in one piece and my brush hasn’t rolled around in the shadows, I’m content.

All of these twelve shades have distinct differences from one another but they also have similarities as well. Of course, the most obvious similarity is that they are rose gold toned. However the differences are the finally milled shimmer colors in each shade. This palette is consisted of three mattes and nine shimmer/satin shades. This is the same ration that can be found in the Naked two palette, but not the original. The original Naked palette has only two matte shades (Naked and Buck), which are primarily used as transition colors.

The first set of four shades in the palette are Strange, Dust, Burnout and Limit. Strange is described as a pale neutral pink that has a matte/satin finish.  This shade would be ideal for my brow highlight or a pop of light on my inner tear duct. Dust is described as a pale metallic pink shimmer containing an iridescent micro-glitter. This shadow has the most fall out because of having the chunkiest glitter. Burnout is described as a light pinky peach satin. This color will look good all over the eye lid or just concentrated on inner or outer corner. Limit is described as a light dusty rose matte shade. This color is ideal for the crease, it’s subtle enough to be used as a transition color or built on to have more definition.

Buzz is described as a metallic rose shimmer containing a silver micro glitter. This shade is beautiful all over the lid. Trick is described as a light metallic pinky-copper shimmer that has tonal micro-sparkle. This is the dominant golden toned shade in the palette.  Nooner is described as a medium pinky-brown matte shade. This color is ideal in the crease, can be used to truly define the crease or just give off a soft transition shade depending upon how heavy you apply. Liar is described as a medium metallic shimmered mauve shade. I am very excited to try this shade all over the lid and in the outer corner of my eyelid.

 Factory is described as a pinky-brown satin shade. Can’t wait to smoke out my eye looks with this shade. Mugshot is described as a metallic taupe shimmer containing a slight pink shift. This color screams fall, I can’t even begin to think of where I would use this for my eye make up. Darkside is described as a deep taupe-mauve satin shade. This shade is a gorgeous outer v color or smokey shade. Last but not least is Blackheart, described as a smoky black matte with rose red micro sparkles. I think this is the shade that I was the most excited about using. I really do see the sparkles become apparent when applying this to my eye make up.  

So now that you’ve read and seen an in-depth review of the Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay… are you going to get it? If you already have it, what are your favorite shades in the palette? What is your take on the color scheme? Please let me know in a comment below or even in a response blog post! Thanks for reading!!

March Favorites

The long awaited March favorites is finally here!! These are all the products that I have been constantly grabbing throughout the month of March.

1) Too Faced Lip Creme in Razzle Dazzzle Rose

When at the Naimies section at this past January atIMATS, I planned to stop by the Too Faced booth and see what goodies they had on sale. Oh my goodness, I absolutely fell in love with this lipstick. I picked up this lipstick at IMATS LA 2013. Out of all the lipstick colors that were still left over at this point, when I saw this lipstick, I knew it was the one. This lipstick is buttery, glides on easily and the color is true to the name. This color, Razzle Dazzle Rose is a beautiful rose pink color that has a satin finish. Packaging is cute. One negative to this product is that when applying, I feel the product somewhat transfers on to the packaging which leaves me to clean it after usage. Overall this lipstick is great and I’m super happy that I caught it on sale at IMATS.

2) Benefit Stay Don’t Stray eye shadow and concealer primer

Just when I thought Urban decay primer potion and Too Faced Shadow insurance were my holy grails for eye shadow primers, I met this amazing one by Benefit. The Benefit Stay Don’t Stray primer is super amazing. This product still has a glide to it when applying and can also be use prior to applying concealer as well.  When applied and blended out, this primer appears translucent. The only negative to this product would be that as it gets older in your makeup collection, and when trying to apply, you don’t get that seamless blend on your lid, it’s rather stiff to be honest. But regardless, by that time the product should be trashed. Overall, great new primer to add to my collection.

3) Revlon Nearly Naked Pressed Powder in 020 Light pale

Looking for a smooth, medium coverage powder at a drugstore price? Then look for this product. I was in the market for a new powder and without listening too much to reviews on this product, I decided to try it for myself. Let me tell you, I was so happy I got this. Revlon really stepped their game up with this amazing powder. It’s so good, I’ve already hit pan! This is no translucent powder, it does have some coverage in it so it is great to apply to t-zones and for touch ups throughout the day.

4) Eyebrow compact from 2nd love in 01 light

With all the brow products out on the market, it’s hard to find one that works for you, especially if you’re not familiar with the cosmetic line. After picking up this product on a whim at IMATS, I can no say for sure that I am so happy I did. The wax in this trio is what makes it golden. Even though this is the lightest shade it comes in, it fits me perfectly, and I do not have light eyebrows at all.

5) Tarte Poreless primer

I have nothing but amazing reviews about this primer from Tarte. Even through the mini size I worked through, it lasted me months, and I wear makeup on the daily. This product truly makes the appearance of pores completely noticeable. It’s crazy how smooth this primer makes your skin and truly helps the makeup applications after follow flawlessly. This product is similar to that of Benefit Porefessional with having the same kind of properties. Always remember, that a little bit of this product goes a long way, and this product has a good glide to it when applying.

6) Maybelline Vivids in Pink Pop

Maybelline really stepped their game up with this collection of lipsticks. The pigmentation, buttery smoothness when applied and color selection truly allows this lipstick collection to be called Vivids. I still cannot believe that Maybelline now carries a powerful bright pink lipstick that is pigmented, long lasting and has a satin finish.  This color is so great that it can be worn alone, with a liner, or even with a hint of gloss. With the additions of lip liner and lip gloss, you can either play up or play down this lip color. If you have not familiarized yourself with this new collection, do it now!

7) Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturizer

For my normal/dry skin, I truly need a moisturizer that will allow my skin to drink as much moisture as possible, and this moisturizer does it for me. With having little to no smell, this product leaves my skin moisturized and glowing, which no other moisturizer has done for me thus far in my life. I only need to apply this moisturizer once, in the morning, and my face feels moisturized and smooth all day. Another perk to this moisturizer is that it is without nasty dyes and chemicals in it, which is amazing!

8) Fan Brush from Crown

What the hell was I doing before this amazing fan brush?!?! This densely packed fan brush allows me to easily spread highlighting powder to my cheek bones effortlessly. With the short/medium length handle and the widenss of this brush, I can really get into the curves of my face and apply my powder highlight easily. The thickness of this brush is also more ideal then the thinner fan brushes that I own. If you have a fan brush, and have not already tried applying your powder highlight with it, try it out and let me know what you think of the difference from your original application.

9) Angeled contour brush from Crown

I was never the biggest contour girl until I found this brush. I now spend extra time on my makeup so that I can correctly contour with this amazing brush. The thickly dense  hairs allow a flawless application of my favorite bronzer, Hoola from Benefit, to the natural contours of my face. The hairs would have to be the biggest difference in my application compared to my other angled brushes that I have previously used to apply my contour with. I think the more dense the hairs, the easier it is to pack on the product to the brush itself along with your face.

10) Covergirl outlast stay fabulous foundation in Buff Beige

A foundation with great coverage, primer and concealer built in, and at a drugstore price? Yes it is the one and only Covergirl Outlast stay fabulous new foundation! No matter the application technique, this foundation goes on smoothly and covers most imperfections and is definitley buildable. In the past, I have no been the biggest fan of Covergirl foundations, however this is a new exception. If you are in the market for a new drugstore medium-full coverage foundation, please check this out.

11) Milani color statement lipstick in Fruit Punch

Amazing packaging, correct identification of color, unreal pigmentation, watermelon scent and drugstore. Is that possible? Yes, and Milani Cosmetics does it well with their new color statement lipstick in the shade Fruit Punch. Sadly, prior to this lipstick, I will admit that I was not the type to shop at Milani, however after this lipstick, I will now stop while in isle at Target and take a closer look at their products.


Those are all my March favorites, check out my March Empties coming soon!


Hey there everyone! So this past weekend I attended the International Make up Artist Tradeshow (IMATS) in Pasadena, California. This was my second time attending the event and I can tell you once again, that I will be going again next year! If you’re not familiar with what IMATS, it’s a make up convention that many labels, both big and small that sell makeup at a discounted price. So not only are major labels there such as Sigma, OCC, Limecrime, Makeup Geek, MAC and others, but there is also cinema makeup, make up schools and more! IMATS gives you the opportunity to see makeup in multiple lights whether it be for makeup artists, cinema or just for make up enthusiasts like myself.

Below is a haul from this past weekend at IMATS. You can see all the goodies I got. I will be posting reviews and detailed reviews on all products soon so keep an eye out for that! Enjoy!!