NARS One Night Stand Blush Palette Review


For holiday 2013, NARS came out with a  Guy Bourdin collection. This collection consisted of nails polishes, eye shadow duos, lipstick sets, blushes and most importantly of all, a cheek palette. This palette consists of one bronzer, one highlight and four blush shades. This collection was limited edition because it was only for holiday, so unfortunately it is not longer readily available. This six pan palette consists of some holy grails from NARS as well as three limited edition colors. Each individual pan in this palette weighs 0.14oz however if you were to purchase a blush alone you get 0.16oz of product. With each pan almost being almost full sized, it makes the price worth while in my opinion.


Packaging wise, I love it. This is my first NARS cheek product, and I will admit it is luxurious. This matte black palette has a simple autograph of Guy Bourdin in red lettering on the top. Once the palette is opened, you find a decently sized mirror to accompany these shades. This palette is pretty large, size wise, it’s even bigger than your hand. Even it’s size does not prevent me from taking this palette as I travel. The colors that are in current rotation and available individually are Laguna, Orgasm and Deep Throat. Whereas, Mistinguette, Goulue and Devotee are limited edition.

This palette comes with three well known classics. Starting off with the only bronzer, this palette comes with Laguna which is a warm toned bronzer with a soft sheen. Following this popular trend this palette is accompanied with Orgasm blush, a soft peachy pink with golden sheen. This next blush is partially the reason to why I purchased this palette, Deep Throat. Deep throat is a beautiful blush that is basically a toned down more rosey version of Orgasm. This blush is amazing because it works well with any combination of eye or lip look and it’s my personal favorite. Now onto the new goodies, first starting with Mistinguette blush which is a classic bright pink blush. The last blush that is in this palette is Goulue which is more of a medium rose pink. All blushes have a sheen/shimmer in them except Mistinguette. Last but not least is this amazing pink silver highlighter called Devotee.


So what are my overall thoughts? I love how this palette has three of the top sellers with three blushes/highlighter that are not as easily available since they are limited edition. The color wheel of this palette is great because it’s versatile enough to apply to a wide spectrum of clients. I think this a great palette to have for a client who is just starting out with NARS blushes and wants a couple of the top sellers. Also you can’t beat this price for all six colors. Just as a note this type of palette is only released once a year, typically around holiday time. To my knowledge, there have only been two other palettes like this released in the past, so this type of product is somewhat new.  Thanks for reading my review, until next time!


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