2nd Love Cosmetics Review

Please allow me to introduce you to a cosmetic company that I’ve known about since 2011, 2nd love Cosmetics. 2nd love cosmetics, based in Los Angeles California, creates and produces great cosmetics with their own signature style. They claim to be the 2nd generation of cosmetics, so that is something to watch out for. I became very familiarized with this company thanks to attending trade shows such as IMATS.  This line is suited for all ages and skin types and is also cruelty free.

The picture above details all the goodies I got, still in packaging before I ripped them open for use.  All the cosmetics are named the following. Baked Glow N’ Bronzer in  02 Warmth, Baked marble blush in 02 Terra Cotta, Baked eye shadow duo in -3 Earth, Cream gel eye shadow in 09 Glow and 11 Island Sun, Pout plumping lip gloss in 06 Soul mate and Quick stick cream blush in 02 Preppy.  The item that I was most excited about was the baked marble blush.


I will admit, this is my first all shimmer cheek disc. Typically I do not enjoy an all shimmer based cheek product because it can be sometimes overwhelming. However, 2nd love Cosmetics came out with Glow N’ Bronzer in Warmth that makes me change my opinion. I think it’s the combination of shades in the disc that makes this shade more wearable on the everyday. The color of this product is not overwhelming, it’s a softened bronze. Also the granulated shimmer in this cheek product is not powdery nor over metallic. I also feel that I will get more then the average use of this because I will use these shades individually as eye shadows. These are also safe shades that work for every eye color and shape. I feel that this product is neutral to the fact that anyone can use it.


I was really excited to play with the Terra Cotta marble blush because it was mineralized and also it was a gorgeous shade. I also appreciated this blush because I can use dry or wet. When using it dry for regular application or I can use a wet brush to gain an intensified application. This color is a combination of champagne, gold and bronze which gives off a multi-colored effect. I love the natural bronzed glow it gives to the cheeks. I have used this as my only cheek product for the last several days and it has paid off as both contour and blush shade.


Oh how I love eye shadows. I am always interested in exploring and trying out different brands eye shadows. It is the one area in cosmetics that initially makes or brakes the connection or love I have for the brand overall. This is the baked duo eye shadow in Earth. This baked duo is a light beige on one side along with a dark brown eye shadow. Both of these eye shadows have a sheen to them, so I would consider there finish as a satin/shimmer. Using them dry, I’ve noticed the pigment quality is not amazing. However using these shades wet is great. The only downside is that typically shades should be great without having to use them wet in order to get them to appear like a typical eye shadow.


Cream or gel based eye shadows do really well on clients who are looking for quick application of color for the eyes. Cream shadows are really good for clients who like a one stop shop without having to add products such as an eye shadow primer since this product has one built in. I love using cream shadows as base colors so that I can atop the shade with a similar color to intensify the look. When I first looked at this package, I thought typical packaging for a cream shadow. This product is labeled cream gel shadow initially letting the owner know you can use this product as a base color or as a gel eye liner.


Both of these shades are common shades or as I like to call it, “neutral” shades. This product glides on with ease all over the eye lid. I’ve only tried this product with a primer underneath and it holds up beautifully. I didn’t care to apply it solely to the eyelid because I am personally a strong believe in eye shadow primers. I am sure if I were to use just this product on the eye lid without prepping or setting the product, I would get a good 3-4 hours of wear out of the product. However, since I work a long day and want my eye makeup to be extremely pigmented, I go the extra step and prep, use the gel shadow and atop it with an eye shadow.


Pout plumping lip gloss huh? Anytime a product says plumping, I immediately think peppermint oil. I am adjusted to natural plumpers that have plumping ingredients in their products such as peppermint oil. I was curious to see what kind of active ingredient is the effective plumper but there was no description on their website. However, when applying this product, it’s very evident in the scent that peppermint oil is the main ingredient for plumping. I got a good 2 hour of wear from this gloss before it started fading off. This product had sheer color pay off and I would idolize to wear this on top of a similar colored lipstick.


For my dry girls out there, yes this is a cream blush you should definitely check out! I completely feel that 2nd love Cosmetics secretly knew my skin type and knew that I love long wear products. This cream blush is just that! Cream blushes really do suit my skin better then the typical powder, especially during the winter time.  This shade Preppy fits my perfectly since I love a coral cheek! This is coral shade of cream blush that has a finely milled shimmer in it. When applying, I can see some of this shimmer come off. However after I blend in the product on the cheek area, the shimmer is not overwhelmingly apparent. I can see myself using this shade on the daily use, either alone or putting a powder blush to intensify it.

Overall I would give 2nd love Cosmetics a great thumbs up. The quality and duration of wear for the products is like-able. The average cost of these products is super affordable, even cheaper then almost all drug store. Usually when you go cheaper, the product quality goes away too, but not for this brand! I will definitely stay in contact with this brand and have nothing but high hopes to see what they come out with in the future. Thanks so much for reading, and until next time!

Disclosure: I received these 2nd love Cosmetics products for consideration and review. As always, this is my honest opinion and experience with the product(s).


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