Crown Brush Cosmo Collection and Brush Review


First and foremost, it is thanks to the iFabbo event that I am able to be here today and talk with you about this amazing review. At the iFabbo event, I was able to meet with one of the Crown Brush reps and speak about how amazing these products are! With already having been a fan of Crown Brush, I couldn’t resist talking his ear off!  I’ve had these products for some time now and I’ve truly put them to use so that I can give an honest detailed opinion of the performance of these tools and palette. Here’s my review, enjoy!

Ahh where to start?!?! How I love brushes is one thing, but Crown also knows that I have a LOVE for eye shadows too! I was lucky enough to receive the Cosmo Collection eye shadow palette along with five different eye brushes.  First starting with the palette, titled KL28 – 28 Color Cosmo Collection, such large pans. I enjoy that these are not dime sized pans, but very close to quarter sized pans. I will admit when I opened the palette, there was minor damage, some shadows had chips in them, some extra dust, but that is minimal. Regardless, the product is in one piece and that’s what matters most. When swatching these eye shadows, I was very pleased to see pigmented pay off, nice transfer and not to powdery when dipping my brush into the pans.


Also I’ve noticed throughout using these eye shadows that they do not become powdery after dipping your brush into the shadow. That is something that I truly appreciate because sometimes you loose out on the product because if you’re heavier handed and your brush takes up too much product, you can actually loose some product in the meanwhile.  As you can see in the image above, the colors truly do range in this palette along with the finishes of the shadows. I appreciate how the colors are placed in this palette. The shades typically go from neutrals, to soft greens and blues, and then transition towards the blues, purples and deeper shades.

Now onto the brushes! Brushes are key when applying any makeup to the face because they can determine the intensity, softness, blend ability and finished result. I received five brushes, four of which had labeling on the side and one without, as you can see from left to right. There is the C441 the deluxe blending brush, C440 Angle shadow brush, C408 chisel shader, C431 precision detail and the unlabeled which is a tapered crease brush. These brushes are made with great quality hairs that rarely shed. I only experienced slight shedding during the first deep clean of these brushes. When spot cleaning the brushes, there was no shedding. These brushes effortlessly blend eye shadows with ease. It’s never disappointing when it comes to the quality of Crown brushes.

Overall I am very pleased with Crown Brush products. I love the quality of both the eye shadows and the brushes. Crown Brush products truly do exemplify high quality cosmetics. I find myself reaching for these brushes and the palette on a regular basis. I will continue to look forward to all the new goodies that Crown comes out with in the near future. Thanks for reading my review and make sure to check out Crown Brush!!

Disclosure: I received the  Crown Brush products for consideration. As always, this is my honest opinion.

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