OCC rep Queen of Blending comes to work!


Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics (OCC) is 100% vegan and cruelty free New York based brand that is simply amazing. Their products are long wear, highly pigmented and are on the cleaner side for cosmetics. Like every brand, there are brand reps that go around and visit locations where their brand is sold at in order to promote the cosmetic line and obtain sales. For OCC, the only current rep is Lauren, also famously known as the Queen of Blending. If you are not familiar with who she is, you really need to step your game up.


I have been personally following her since 2006, back in the Myspace days. It is thanks to her that inspired me to get into the cosmetic field and really pursue this itching desire of mine. Her daring bright looks is what attracts me as she is not afraid to step outside the border of what the “norm” of make up is. Now her name states that she is the Queen of Blending, that is literally no joke. Blending is a key for makeup collectively whether its complexion, eye make up or even cheek and lip products. Her blending is literally just as immaculate in person to how you view it on social media. I can’t even explain enough of how amazing her artistry is, please check out her social media platforms to view her art.


When I gained the first chance to meet her in 2012, I literally died. We actually had time to talk it up and she got to learn my name and understand how much of an inspiration she was to me. Also I was featured on her social media of the image that we took at IMATS. The next year when we saw each other, we literally chopped it up in discussion and she remembered who I was!! When that wasn’t enough, people started walking by saying “who is the girl Queen of Blending is talking to, she like really knows her!” I lightweight felt like an important person!!


Fast forward now, I found out that Queen of Blending was coming to the bay area to visit both Sephora locations, one on Powell Street in San Francisco and then my Emeryville location. I literally died when I heard that she was coming to my work location because I just saw her at IMATS the past weekend in Pasadena, California and was amazing as always! It was nice to see her come to my neighborhood because every time I’ve seen her it’s been at IMATS. My excitement was out of this world as I brainstormed to think of what look I could do that would truly represent how much of an admirer I am of hers.


On January 28th, I came in early to work so that I could purposely hear her training in the morning and have time to hang out with her before I had to work.  When I came into work, I walked in to the back and her reaction when we saw each other was priceless. We both got over joyed and were excited to see one another. After that, we were literally attached at the hip. She did a morning training, that is what your viewing in the image above. She discussed how pigmented the liptars are, how they can be used multiple ways such as cheek colors, bronzers and even highlighters. She also brought the newly released cosmetic color pencils that were launched on Sephora’s website that same day. The colored pencils are not defined to be lip pencils only so they also can be used for the eye area. I was so excited cause she mentioned that I had the pencils so if you wanted further knowledge, Caitlin knows! I literally died when she said that and couldn’t stop smiling.


After the training, I hung out with her on stage, but one hour before my shift started, one of my co-workers said we should go eat. I offered it to Queen of Blending if she was hungry and she jumped on the offer. So um yes, I definitely had lunch with the Queen of Blending, it’s still unreal. Not that we went anywhere fancy, it is a mall people, but just the idea that I can sit down with her to eat as one of her friends, ah! I truly gained time to just talk to her as a person, not trying to grab a pic and do small talk like most do at IMATS. We talked and talked, laughed it up and she opened up on how warming our cast and location is and how it’s better than Powell street in SF!


At lunch, I asked her if Shrinkle was coming since she was at Sephora Powell st location yesterday and she said no because she was busy. If you’re not familiar with Shrinkle you should be! Shrinkle aka Amy, is the owner and founder of Sugarpill Cosmetics. This is another brand that the Queen of Blending works very close with. Sugarpill Cosmetics is phenomenally pigmented, vegan and cruelty free as well. They specialize in vibrant colors that are packed with pigment. Literally no other brand in the game is as pigmented as Sugarpill.  Anyhow later in the day it turned out that Shrinkle got free and stopped by Sephora too! Another fan girl moment, when Shrinkle and I saw each other she said “Hey, I just saw you last weekend at IMATS” ahh I literally died again. I am so happy that both of these women remembered who I was after 1-2 encounters with them. Just when that wasn’t enough, Cora decides to pop in knowing that Queen of Blending was going to be here. So duhh I had to take a picture with all three to capture this golden moment. Overall this day was AMAZING to put into one word. Our parting was bittersweet but it won’t be too long again before I see her next. Thank you Lauren for coming to my location, reassuring everyone how amazing OCC is, hanging out with me and still being my constant inspiration in this make up world ❤

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