The Balm’s San Francisco store opening


On Janaury 22nd, Thursday, I had the pleasure to attend the first store opening for the Balm Cosmetics in San Francisco, California. This store is located at 788 Valencia Street in San Francisco and the shop totally fits the area. This cute little boutique is raving with classy etiquette along with screaming excitement like a candy store. With already being a fan of the Balm cosmetics for years coming, I knew that this was a golden opportunity to dive deeper into what the Balm Cosmetics truly is.  Their cosmetic line takes a easy-going and cute approach to products and the naming that follows along.  I would have to say their cult favorites for me have to be the eye shadows, specifically the shady lady palette’s.

040Upon arrival into the store, I was greeted by my sister, Chelsea along with hoards of hors d’oeuvres and cocktails to allow me to enjoy the night. Check out her review here! The amount of women, nails being done, makeup sessions, and flashing lights truly made me feel like royalty in this private beauty blogger opening party. I couldn’t stop swatching products, picking up new items that I have no knowledge on, and constantly raving about how amazing the Balm cosmetics is! This party was literally like a playground for me and i’m so thankful that I got to attend!


My sister Chelsea made sure to grab hoards of candid shots on her nice camera while I let my iPhone’s battery diminish as I used the camera. I unfortunately didn’t have enough time to grab my camera from home since I came to this event right after work. Every single person in the store was either thoroughly engaged in coverasation with fellow bloggers, employees or getting dolled up. While on my phone, I definitely tried to get the hashtag #thebalmsfparty trending. In this picture above we are delighted to get our goody bags, literally filled with holy grail’s from the Balm cosmetics.


The inside of this store is simply gorgeous. The gleaming chandelier caught everyone’s eyes as you walked in. It literally felt like candy land with the amount of product out to play with. I literally was swatching each product possible to make sure that I didn’t miss out on anything. Enjoy the loads of photo’s I took from this amazing event below!











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