Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette Review

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better with having the first Vice palette, Urban Decay decided to come out with another edition for this year’s holiday set. Originally when the first Vice palette launched, there was a huge hype because it was going to be one of the first complete palettes with all brand new, non duplicated eye shadows that you couldn’t find in any other palette. With being a huge fan of Urban Decay, it was kind of a big deal when you hear that you’re getting 20 brand new eye shadows, never before seen in this limited edition palette. With falling in love with the first one, I knew that I had nothing but great expectations for the future palettes of Urban Decay. Fast forward to the present, Urban Decay released this beautiful Vice 2 palette for holiday 2013. Following along the same concept, this palette comes with 20 brand new eye shadows, which I am super excited about!

So let’s first start off with packaging, which is amazing. Urban Decay followed the exact same packaging as the first Vice palette, which we all super appreciate. This palette comes in a plastic purple and blue packaging with a large crystallized “UD” embellishment on the front. When pressing the button to open up the packaging, the palette has a retractable concept so it basically opens itself all the way up. I thoroughly enjoy this packaging because there are definitely times when I want to take this palette with me somewhere and I want to be able to set it down and  have some sturdiness to it.

Vice 2 palette from Urban Decay

When it couldn’t get any better than that, this palette has an enormous mirror so that you can literally do your make any and every where. Just like the first Vice palette, this Vice 2 is accompanied with an amazing synthetic duo karma brush. If you read my previous post on the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette, then you are aware that I love this dual karma brush. I enjoy that it’s synthetic, the flat shader side can be used for eye shadow and also concealer, and it is great quality.  The only question is why have the exact same brush that came in the original Vice palette to be placed in the Vice 2?

This is a close up picture of more that half of the palette. I will now go into description of each shade, going from top to bottom. Starting with the shade Smokeout, Smokeout is described as a dark taupe black satin.  Next to that is Lovesick which is described as a matte black with iridescent micros glitters. The last in the first row is Shellshock, which is described as a bright metallic silver. This shade has a very high frosted metallic finish. Starting with the second row, there is Prank that is described as a deep navy matte with a turquoise pearl. This shade is very deep with a teal shimmer.  Similar to that, the next shade is Madness which is described as a bright metallic blue shimmer containing a blue micro-glitter. The last shade in this row is Strike which is described as an antique gold shimmer with silver micro-glitter.

Radar is the next shade that is described as a metallic brown shimmer containing an iridescent micro-glitter. Whereas Damaged next to it is described as a bright metallic emerald shimmer. Last in this row is Voodoo which is described as a metallic purple shimmer with an iridescent purple micro-glitter. I would have to say this purple is a medium cooler toned purple. The last row contains Dope which is described as a warm champagne satin. This color leads more towards a peach pink with warm and satin undertones. Toxic on the other hand is described as a metallic copper-pink shimmer containing a tonal micro-glitter. I love this shade for the lid! Last but certainly not least on this side of palette is Habit which is described as  a light nude matte.

On this other side of the palette lies Coax which is described as a medium metallic pink containing a golden iridescent micro-sparkle. Next to that in the first row is X-rated which is described as a baby pink satin containing cool toned pinks and satin sheen. The second row contains Stash which is described as a deep olive green shimmer having iridescent mirco-sparkles. Poison that is right next to it is described as a charcoal satin containing a iridescent micro-sparkle. This color is great, its a dark gray brown with teal shimmer, but you can barely tell by just looking at it.  The next shade on the next row down is Betrayal, which is described as a bright purple satin with a blue shift to it. Derailed on the other hand is described as a medium metallic taupe with brown shimmer. The last two row contains Ambush which is described as a metallic brown satin with reddish undertones. Last but not least, is Rewind which is described as a medium brown matte.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoy this palette. The flawless pigmentation is there, the matte shades to blend with are there, the colors are insane and best part is the wear of these shades. I appreciate that this palette is entirely different compared to the first Vice palette. This palette delivers exceedingly well for me by having such beautiful shades and having two brown shades as staples for blending colors out in the crease. These shades perform amazingly with or without a primer (always recommend using one!). Some fallout when applying these shades is noticeable but is not the end of the world.  If you enjoy make up and are in the market for an amazingly pigmented color palette, don’t hesitate to pick this up!


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