Urban Decay Naked Palette 3….. Is it worth the hype?!?

As we all know, the rumors have finally been confirmed. Urban Decay has added yet another naked palette to the collection, now totaling at three. You have the first naked palette, the amazing warm toned palette packed with soft champagnes, browns and golds. I remember so clearly when this palette came out, that I needed to have it. It was your basic eye shadow palette that had so many applicable every day shades that no one could turn it down. These shades were great for all year round, especially in spring and summer season. Overall, the naked one palette had only two mattes and all the rest had shimmer, satin or frost. The two matte shades in this palette are Naked and Buck, both of which are soft warm brown shades ideal for the crease or transitioning color.

When it couldn’t get any better than that, they added the naked two palette, which is composed of cooler tones ranging from soft taupe shades, to silvers and deep gunmetal blacks. This palette completely screamed fall and winter season because of its cooler tones. This palette has three matte shades, Foxy, Tease and Blackout. When they just  had two palettes, they initially had the whole year covered, expect there were always going to be those people who complained about not having enough matte shades in the palettes or shades that every complexion could wear. Shortly later, Urban Decay released the naked basics palette, consisting of five all matte shades (Foxy, WOS, Naked 2, Faint and Crave)  and one shimmer shade (Venus). This portable palette, smaller than the size of your hand was all the rage. People flocked left and right to get this palette because it became almost or just as popular as the naked and naked two palette. As we all know, Urban Decay is dominantly shimmer or frosted shades with having only a handful of matte shades. So, when Urban Decay understood their consuming market wanted their highly pigmented, buttery smooth matte shades, they made them more readily available in this small palette. Price point, these palettes today go for some money. Both naked palettes are currently at $52, when they used to be $47 when I got them. However the naked basics palette has stayed the same only at $27.


Now onto the main topic, the naked palette 3. With this palette, Urban Decay chose to go a completely separate way, a rose gold way in fact. This brand new 12 eye shadow pan palette is consisting of warm and cool tones rose-gold tinted shades. Now, who doesn’t love rose gold?!?! A great key to note is that these are also 12 brand new shades that have never been released before!! I think it was great marketing and strategy to go this way with rose-gold tinted shades because honestly, they look great on everyone! At first when I heard about the release in Europe from one of my girlfriends, I didn’t believe it to be true. Looking on all the blog posts, Pinterest, etc, I got vague images of the palette, which to me at first just looked like a combination of both naked and naked two. I tried tweeting Urban Decay so that I could get an official confirmed answer about this possible trick  however they were unresponsive, which I now understand. However, now with actually being able to see the shades, matte vs. shimmer ratio, and how pigmented these shades are, I completely have a different opinion on this palette. The shades in this palette are gorgeous, just simply gorgeous. I feel like these shades are visually stunning and they can and will make the individual wearing them feel so amazing.

Packaging wise, this palette, similar to the naked two, with having the aluminum tin packaging and comes with a dual sided brush. Now there is some controversy on the brush since most people do not use it. However, I believe the quality of the brushes that have come in both the first and second naked palettes are great. I believe it is the Karma brush, the dual ended flat shade brush and crease brush. So with all that said, should you get it? Well if you are an Urban Decay junkie like myself, don’t have any rose-gold shades, then yes it is worth the hype! I have both naked palettes, so I feel by gaining this one to complete the series is justified. I would only advise to not get it if you already have a collection of rose gold shadows. If you feel like they’re is not enough matte shades, just tag along your favorites matte shade with this palette. I don’t think that because this palette does not have enough matte shades is justification not to get this palette because that is obviously Urban Decay’s style. They are not hear to boast about their matte shades, their pride is in their shimmer, satin and frost shades. This palette is readily available for purchase online on Urban Decay’s website for $52 and will be hitting Sephora’s near you mid Decemeber, so keep a look out!  Until next time 🙂


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