Ifabbo Social Media Conference review

iFabboFirst and foremost, this past weekend was so much fun!! I got the amazing opportunity to attend the 2nd annual iFabbo Conference in San Francisco at the Merchant Exchange Club. Thank you again to Marlena, aka, Makeup Geek for picking me to be one of the ten lucky beauty bloggers to attend this blogging conference. I gained the opportunity to meet some new beauty bloggers, make up enthusiasts and brands that I obsess over.  My sister, Chelsea, and I attended the event together in style, check out her outfit by clicking her name. We then found one her girlfriends Tashina, who is an amazing Vegan beauty blogger.  Sitting in the front row allowed me to gain eye contact with all the lovely speakers.

006This was the first panel that dealt with PR, how to create an impressive kit, how to develop better agency and brand relationships. Speakers included Allie Fister with Bollare Communications, Crosby Noricks with PR Couture, Adrienne Arieff with Arieff Communications, Lorraine Sanders with digitalstyledigest.com and sfindiefashion.com and moderator Rebecca Silliman with Modcloth. All of these well established women gave me an insight on what I can do in order to better my relationships with brands. Beyond informative, I felt like I was tweeting everything they were saying, with having #ifabbosfcon at the end of it.


The next panel, and the most exciting one was how to increase your reach on all social media platforms. This panel consisted of Laurie Mueller from Facebook, Alex Loscher from Google+, Marlena Stell from Makeup Geek,  Jen Matthews from My Beauty Bunny and moderator Sinead Norenius the co-founder of Ifabbo.  With having all of these mega platforms and well established women on stage, I knew that I was in for a treat. Side note, when Marlena first sat down she looked and waved right at me, I totally had a fan girl moment. There were many other panels such as Photography/Videography, Fireside chat with Becca Cosmetics, Legal Zones, Monetizing your blog, Future of fashion/beauty and ended with our keynote speaker Jacqueline Wales.

After her panel, I gained a chance to speak with Marlena. After speaking with her, she said she recognized and remembered me at this past years IMATS in Pasadena, California. I let her know that I was one of the lucky bloggers who won your Youtube Contest, While we were speaking, I gained new insight to some current projects that she is working on which was amazing!  Spoiler alert: I cannot wait to try out her blushes!! Overall, Marlena is just as genuine as she is on Youtube as in person. If you’re not familiar with Makeup Geek, please research her because her story is amazing!


In between all of the panel discussions, my sister and I ventured over to all of the sponsored tables such as Becca Cosmetics, Boohoo, Prai Beauty, Dermalogica, Beautisol, Lotus Premium and Derm Organic. Boohoo was having a social media special where if you are to take a picture with your favorite article of clothing, followed and hashtag them on Instagram, you can gain that article of clothing!

Becca Cosmetics is amazing. Now having said that, the brand reps who were at this event were unbelievably nice. With already hearing from Kerry Cole, Becca style director/national makeup artist and Alexis Diresta, Vice President of Brand Development at Becca, I came across this rep, Jen Tucker who was so amazing. We immediately started a conversation on how amazing the beach tints are, their foundation etc.

Towards the end of the night, we gained an amazing cocktail hour where we could meet and greet with other beauty bloggers and brand reps. I gained an amazing chance to speak with the Crown Brush representative. Details will soon come in a future blog post, so please be on the lookout for that.  Not only were we connecting, but we gained the most surreal goody bag ever. Lets just say, I have a LOT to review!! Thanks so much for reading, and I see you guys soon!

One thought on “Ifabbo Social Media Conference review

  1. Awesome pics, sis! 😉

    You should definitely make an effort to attend more blogger meetups and conferences like this. Even if it’s just a few hours on a weekend or weeknight, it’s great chatting with people who are passionate about the same things as you are. You can always hit me up to see the next event that’s coming up. ❤

    p.s. I adore Marlena as well! Can I be her when I grow up?

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