MAC Haul!

This haul is going to consist of two different visits to the Cosmetic Company Outlet. If you are not familiar with what a CCO is, it basically is a discounted make up that carries Estee Lauder brands such as MAC, Bobbie Brown, and even Smash box Cosmetics.  Not only do they carry makeup but also perfumes, all of which can be found at a discounted price. Upon my first visit to the CCO, I picked up a total of 6 items, three lipsticks, a lip liner, a blush and a pigment set. Upon my second visit I picked up two other lipsticks and a transparent setting powder. As you can tell, the second trip was not as difficult as the first, as in I didn’t purchase that many items. So overall, picked up five lipsticks  a lip liner, a blush, a set of pigments and a setting powder. All of these products are new to me, as in I have never purchased them before. Therefore this review is based on my initial impression of the products.

The first lipstick that I picked up is from the Ruffian collection, called Ruffian Red. This is a blue-based red lipstick that is somewhat bright. This is a matte lipstick, so when planning to wear this color, hydrate like crazy before hand, as well as exfoliating. When applying, color glides on smoothly with little effort and provides full opaque color to the lips. I will always wear any red lipstick with a lip liner before hand so that the color does not bleed and looks good.

Following in the same collection, the second lipstick I picked up is Ruffian Naked. Ruffian Naked is a rosy beige matte lipstick. When applying, color glides on smoothly with little effort and provides full opaque color to the lips. Because this is a nude, it can easily highlight the lines in your lips so its good to exfoliate and moisturize before applying this.  I’m loving nudes currently now that summer is coming up. This is a great lipstick that can be pared with any kind of eye or cheek look.

From the Marilyn Monroe collection, Holiday 2012, I picked up my third lipstick in Pure Zen. Pure Zen is a lightly frosted warm nude color that is a cremesheen. This is a re-promoted lipstick color, therefore it is not the first time it is being introduced to MAC. When applying, color glides on smoothly with little effort and provides full opaqueness to the lips. Packaging is cute, having the classic pin up of Marilyn on the product as well as her signature.

As my fourth, I picked up my first pro longwear lisptick in Dress it up. Dress it up is from the MAC Style drive collection. This collection came out with a total of six different lipsticks.  This lipstick is a blue based pink that has a creamy finish. In regards to coverage, this lipstick gives a semi- opaqueness to the lips.  The packaging of this lipstick differs from the typical MAC lipsticks as it is slender and has an easy closing mechanism which is helpful, it literally snaps close.

Now for a pop of color. The last lipstick that I chose to pick up is the MAC lustre lipstick in Razzle Dazzle. This lipstick is from the Asia Pacific region of the collection. This lipstick is a soft coral/peach color with a soft sheen. This lipstick was limited edition so I’m happy that I got my hands on it. It gives off a semi-opaque coverage to the lips. This is such a great lipstick to add my collection since I’m feeling the softer colors for lips at the moment.

Following along with lip products, I picked up my first official MAC Lip liner in Plum. This pencil is meant to line, shape and fill in your lips, initially giving any lipstick you layer over it with more longevity.  These lip liners are long-lasting and come in a variety of shades, most of which are matte. With that being said, these lip liners can be somewhat drying to the lips therefore it is recommended to prep your lips before hand with an intensive moisturizer. Plum tends to side more with the brown family then plum. While I was hoping it was have a touch more purple in it, hence the name Plum, I’m not disappointed with this lip liner. This lip liner pairs great with purple or deep color lipsticks.

With never previously owning a MAC pigment, I saw this crushed pigment collection and thought it would prove useful in my collection. This is the MAC Smoky Berry Crushed Metallic pigment set. Above are swatches of these pigments without and base and applied dry. It is highly recommended to use a base with this product along with some type of glitter/pigment adhesive.  The colors are as follows from left to right in the swatch above, Roasted Chestnut, Spicy smoke, Rose light and Pearl.  Roasted Chestnut is a dark chocolate-brown with shimmer. Spicy Smoke is an orange-red with a shimmer. Rose light is a soft rose-pink with metallic shimmer. Pearl is a true frosted white. These colors pair great with my blue eyes!

A soft lavender blush is what Full of Joy from MAC is. This blush is lavender with a frost finish, but the finish is very soft, not super frosty. There is definitely a blue undertone with satin sheen in it.  There is good color pigmentation in this blush and it is definitely build able.  In regards to the product, when dipping your brush in the pan, you get a good amount of powdery residue left over, therefore always tap off your brush before using.

MAC Translucent finishing powder

The last item that I picked up is from MAC’s prep and prime collection. I have always been interested in their setting powders, so I am happy that I can finally try out a nice translucent/transparent finishing powder from them. This product is advised to be used to set foundation or to be used on bare moisturized skin to give a more flawless finish and look to the skin. Because this is a white powder, we all know that we are all scared if this product will give your skin that white cast if you happen to take any flash photography. I haven’t experienced the white cast in my own usage, but I can understand if you use to much of this product you could create that.

Thanks so much for reading and see you guys next time!



5 thoughts on “MAC Haul!

  1. How do you know when Hautelook has The Balm cosmetics available, I just became a member so I dont know exactly how it works?

    • Kim,

      If you have the app on a smart phone, you can allow the app to notify you when certain companies are being featured on Hautelook. Try looking through the settings. It’s great this way so you can know when your favorite companies are going to be on sale. Also it can be dangerous as well, dangerous in spending that is!! Great talking to you!

  2. Yes I do have that app and I’ve searched the settings but I just don’t see it, but I will keep looking, i’m sure it’s here somewhere. Thanks for the info!!

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