“Dulceday” at Benefit Cosmetics in Union Square, San Francisco California.

As some of you may already know, I am a free lance makeup artist for Benefit Cosmetics. Therefore, my job is to attend special events and prep clients for fashion shows, run ways, promotions, etc. This past weekend, I had the honor of working the famous event called “DulceDay” in honor of the fabulous Dulce Candy. Dulce Candy is a famous Youtube blogger/ guru who recently reached the big milestone of 1 million subscribers on her Youtube channel. She is a hip diva who has a passion for everything beauty whether it be fashion, jewelry, or makeup. For this event, Benefit Cosmetics allowed 300 booked appointment at the Union square locations that we 15 minute makeover sessions, how-to tutorial on makeup application by Makeup artists along with the guarantee of meeting Dulce and a signature tote bag by Benefit Cosmetics and Dulce.

My day started at 10 am as the girls busted into Macy’s running towards the Benefit Counter. As the girls lined up, I prepped my makeup train case which held all the golden items from Benefit such as the Porefessional, They’re real mascara and  Hoola bronzer. With brushes, almost the whole collection of Benefit products and lots of brush cleaners and sanitation equipment, the makeovers began. Each client was so excited to meet Dulce to snap a picture with her.  Also a majority of these clients came from all over to meet her! I spoke with clients who have come as local as the Bay Area and as far as New York City. The determination these ladies had to meet Dulce was beaming as they couldn’t wait to hug her.  While each makeover was scheduled for only 15 minutes, specifically focusing on one certain area of the face, whether it be eyes, eye brows, blush, contour, highlight, etc, I found each client asking for full face. While this was hard to resist, I found myself still doing my job while focusing on one area.

As the appointments kept rolling in, all the makeup artist frantically seeked into other artist’s boxes for certain products they would recommend to their clients since we were all swapping products. Before I knew it, it was already close till 2:00pm, the time that Dulce was supposed to arrive. As Dulce entered Macy’s, dressed in the cutest soft pink/champagne embroided dress, with pumps to match, the crowd screamed, it was then I knew it was going to get crazy…and loud! Dulce along with staff from Corporate at Benefit entered the beautiful stage and announced her arrival along with the golden benefit award for her amazing landmark on Youtube, as you can see in the above image.  As she began her acceptance speech, I then knew the focus was off us, the makeup artists, and now onto her. The line started forming along side the stage, continuing out the main doors and as far as around the block. Even though there were 300 appointments confirmed to meet her, an extra 300 or so arrived in hopes of meeting Dulce.

As the line still wrapped around the block, I was greeted by my amazing sister while I was on my break and I gave her the lo-down on the whole event. As she frantically stalked the cupcake distributors, I found myself grabbing her a total of three or four cute custom made cupcakes from Kara’s, that ranged from butter cream, chocolate and the delicious red velvet. As we engaged in our amazing sugar high, we watched the girls go from nervous to jubilant as they met Dulce. As we snapped pictures and enjoyed Dulce’s  last moments, I knew the time was bound to come so that I could snap a photo myself. The event was designated to last from 2:00pm – 5:00pm, but ran 30minutes past due to a late start and the enormous amount of people who wanted to meet her. At the end of the event, Dulce and the Benefit Corporate team spoke and it was then when we, as staff, could take pictures.  With corporate taking their picture first, the Benefit at Union square team was next. I raced up to the front and stood 2nd to the left of her. After our multiple group shots, I asked a co-worker of mine to snap a picture of just us and we chatted it up a bit as well. She is such a bubbly girl who has an amzing positive outlook on life. With knowing about her life story, via Youtube, I have grown so much more respect for her as a woman and as an artist. It was such a pleasure hosting you at my counter and getting a chance to meet you in person. Until next time we meet Dulce!!


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