New goodies from NYX

So once again, I fell into the never-ending circle of buying makeup that I do not need, especially after going to IMATS last weekend. While shopping for storage compartments to now store all my new makeup in, one of my girlfriends and I decided to go to Marshall’s.  With already knowing my specific intentions inside of this store, I forced myself to not get distracted, however that only worked for a couple of minutes. While shopping around, I saw this NYX Cosmetics set which came with 11 different goodies, for only $15. If I were to buy each individually, I would have easily spent close to $100. So in this package came the following:

NYX eye shadow trio

1) NYX Triple eye shadow “17” with colors Frosted Flake, Slate and Luster

NYX Lashes

2)NYX Fabulous Lashes and glue in “102 Diva”

NYX eye shadow in Asphalt

NYX eyeshadow in Eggplants

3) NYX single eye shadows in Asphalt and Eggplant.

NYX lipstick in Silk

NYX lipstick in Uberchic

4) NYX lipsticks in Silk and Uberchic

NYX liquid liner in Copper

5) NYX liquid liner in Copper

NYX Jumbo lip pencil in Cocoa

6) NYX Jumbo lip pencil in Cocoa

NYX mega shine lip gloss in Gold

7) NYX Mega shine lip gloss in Gold

NYX brush on gloss in Sunrise

NYX Brush on gloss in Taupe

8) NYX brush on glosses in Sunrise and Taupe


Above is a picture of my swatches of everything except the eye shadow trio. Starting from the bottom are the two individual shadows, above that are the liquid liner and jumbo pencil. To the left are swatches of the two lipsticks and at the top of my hand are the swatches of the three lip products (you can barely see Taupe).

Lipstick swatches

Above are both of the lipstick swatches. Both of these are a creme lipstick with soft shimmer in them. Silk is a mauve-purple with shimmer whereas Uberchic is a soft tan creme with shimmer.

Lipgloss swatces

These are the lip gloss swatches, going from top to botton, Sunrise, Gold and Taupe. Taupe is the only lip gloss without shimmer. I was so happy to see how pigmented these glosses were when I swatched them. Super excited to try out Taupe over a natural lip color. I can’t wait to wear these colors!! Also a big perk on the NYX Mega shine lip gloss in gold for super cute packaging, has a bow on the top of the handle.

Liquid liner and jumbo pencil swatches

Above are the swatches of the liquid liner in Copper (left) and the jumbo lip pencil in Cocoa. Both have a satin finish and glided on my hand very easily.

Eye shadow single swatchesHere are the swatches of the two eye shadow singles in Eggplant and Asphalt. Both of these shadows are placed on with no base/primer. Very pigmented colors  and I can’t wait to play with them!

Eye shadow trio swatchesLast but certainly not least is the eye shadow trio. When I swatched these colors, with no base/primer, I immediately noticed that these colors are dupes for other eye shadows that I own. The soft silver shade at the bottom is very similar to Urban Decay Verve, found in the Naked 2 palette. The middle brown color is similar to Snake bite also from the Naked 2 palette. Looking at the pan this color isn’t identical, but the swatch proves differently. Lastly, the taupe shade at the top is very similar to MAC’s Satin Taupe.

Thanks so much for reading and talk to you all soon!!

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