Stila Park Avenue Matte & Shimmer Eye Collection Review

Last month, I purchased the Stila Park Avenue Matte & Shimmer Eye Collection, a collection which I can’t believe I didn’t get my hands on any sooner! This 8 eye shadow piece collection is a combination of soft and dark hues, as well as combination of matte,shimmer and frost.  This collection comes with six shimmer shades in Moonlight, Jade, Shell, Poise, Copper and Black Cat. The two matte shades are in Coco and Dahlia. Stila Cosmetics is a great line because they’re products are without parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals, Phthalates, GMO’s and Triclosan. Here are all the colors close up and a my views on each shadow.

This is the color Moonlight, a frosty white shadow. This color is great as a brown highlight or used in the inner corner. I have been reaching for this color when doing an all matte look and I want a shimmer highlight, or when I want some focus on my inner corners, initially to make my eyes to appear larger.

Who doesn’t love an emerald green shadow with a golden sheen. Jade is absolutely gorgeous!! This color reminds me of fall, specifically how the color of leaves changes into these beautiful green, golden, orange and bronzed leaves.  Unfortunately I feel this picture does not do it justice, I believe the picture makes this color look flat or dull, which it is definitely not! I love using this color in the crease and combining it with Stila’s copper.

Who doesn’t love a good rusty copper eye shadow? This color, Copper, is beautiful, especially with my blue eyes. I do love this eye shadow however it is pretty powdery when using. When using, I feel when I press my brush into the shadow, I need to tap off the excess right above the shadow.

I’ll have to be honest here, this is one of the shadows that I was super disappointed in. Shell is a beautiful pink champagne with shimmer. However, when using this color, there is no color transfer and all you see on your lid is shimmer. I have swatched this color on different women and tried packing on the color heavier or with a shadowed base underneath, but no luck. Overall this a color that I would not recommend unless you are looking to use it under the brow bone, which I will most likely do with this shadow.

Oh how I love purple! Purple eye shadow and me have had a thing going on for years. It is the one color that I love to play around with, and this color is gorgeous. Poise is a medium purple with bright purple and gold shimmer in it. This color looks gorgeous on the lid alone and even in the crease! Super blendable and can help create a gorgeous gradient effect if needed.

A dark charcoal with silver shimmer is what Stila’s Black Cat is. This color is great in the outer corner and crease.  This is however not the deepest shade of black that I own, but when layered, it can appear deep. There is a good amount of shimmer in this product therefore you can see it on your eye look. The shimmer in this product is multi-colored however when indoors, it looks just as if the shimmer is the typical silver color. That is why I think I like this color, because in actuality, it is more than meets the eye when you look closely.

When creating any eye look, a nice brown that would look ideal in the crease is necessary! Stila’s Coco is a medium matte brown shade that can truly be used in any eye look. This color is beautiful when used as a transition color or even when you’re creating a nice smokey brown eye as well. I feel that if this color were a little bit lighter, it would be better as a transition color for a wider range of people. Since it is a darker brown, it won’t be grabbed as often as a softer brown would. Regardless, it is a great brown shade and can help out any eye look!

I’ve saved the best for last, Stila’s Dahlia. Oh my goodness, this color is simply amazing. Not only is it my favorite color from this collection, but it’s also matte. As I’ve previously stated, I love purple, this matte purple is so multipurpose its ridiculous! This photo does not do this color justice. The picture above makes it appear as if this color is purple/blue, which it is not. This color is a true deep matte purple. I’ve used this color on the lid and in the crease and man, I can’t get enough of this color. Another perk to this color is that it’s not powdery 🙂

Overall, some of these shadows are powdery, such as Moonlight and Copper, but nothing compared to Urban Decay’s fallout. Regardless, these are still amazing eye shadows. I’m very happy that I purchased this old yet new collection on sale on This collection was originally around $50 but I got in on sale for only $32, which means each eye shadow was $4.


One thought on “Stila Park Avenue Matte & Shimmer Eye Collection Review

  1. Hey! I also bought this Stila eye collection and actually wrote a review of it too! Check it out if you’re interested 🙂

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