Elf Haul!


This is a long awaited review on my purchases from the line, ELF. If you’re not familiar with Eyes, lips face (ELF), you should be! Elf is sold at Target as well as online at their website. I was super excited to pick up a couple new items from their studio line, which is not currently available in stores. Therefore, after doing through research from video reviews, blogs, etc, I decided to purchase the following: brow kit, stippling brush, jumbo eye shadow pencil, two baked blushes and two HD blushes. When I purchased this order, I had free shipping , so my total was $20.00, which is not bad at all with each piece being around $2/3 each. I have heard positive reviews of all of these products therefore I wanted to try them out.

ELF Stippling brush

With already having a couple stippling brushes in my collection, I thought that with my new HD blushes, the stippling brush would give a great application. I’m not gonna lie, I had a little higher hopes for this brush however that does not mean that I do not like it. I thought this brush would be a little bit stiffer but instead its is super flimsy. Regardless, it is a good brush, synthetic and allows me to create a flawless application of blush/highlighter.

Oh how I love jumbo pencils. I have had great experience with the jumbo pencils from NYX so I though that I would give ELF a try. This is the only product that is not from their studio line but from their essential, most of which is available in stores at Target.  Out of the color selection available (10 colors) I thought this was a great that I didn’t already have. This is the color called Feeling Lucky which is a brownish red with a soft shimmer. I personally try not to purchase items that I can dupe from other pencils so that I don’t end up with a million different pencils all of which are the same color. This jumbo pencil is very creamy and the color pay off is great. I will say that they are not as creamy and long lasting as NYX however you can’t beat them at $2. I do recommend not using this product alone because it will fade therefore set it with an eye shadow that is similar for a more long lasting look.

I feel like i’m always in the market to find the best eye brow product and most people recommeded this duo of a wax and shadow combination for brows. Out of the selection of only four colors, I went with the safest bet, the lightest color in Ash. I thought this was the best bet because in case it is too light for my brows, which are naturally medium brown color, that I could at least use the wax to control the hairs from not going everywhere. I would personally say that I am a fan of the wax portion over the powder because it actually appears on my skin compared to the shadow. It was hard because the next lightest color on the website looked super dark so I obviously didn’t get that one. One thing I will say, upon opening this packaging, which I understand is pretty cheap, the plastic piece right below the mirror popped off and actually won’t stick back in, so that sucks. Overall, I hope that I reach for this more in the future.

The HD Blushes were the products that I was most excited about in this purchase. The first ELF HD blush in Headliner, the softest baby pink offered.  I have heard amazing reviews for this product and constant comparison to the Makeup Forever HD blushes for their packaging, which is very similar if not the same. The other HD Blush in Superstar. This blush is a lot darker than Headliner, but still definitely a every day wearable blush. Both of these blushes are a matte/dewy finish. Only a little bit of this product goes a long way however I highly recommend shaking this product prior to using it. Like with any product, the water can sit on top and be dispensed out first due to not mixing the product well, IE shaking it! Beautiful color pay off, great long lasting wear by itself or topped with another blush.

These are the two baked blushes that I got, one in Passion Pink (left) and Pinktastic (right). I got these blushes because I was interested in their pay off. As you can tell from the images above, Passion Pink is more of a blush whereas Pinktastic looks more like a highlight, which is the reason I purchased it. These baked blushes apply great with the stippling brush alone or on top of the HD blushes. When applying, I have noticed that they do tend to be somewhat powdery, but not as bad as other baked products that I have seen. Both of these blushes have a shimmer and sheen to them. Overall, loving these baked blushes so far!

Thanks for stopping by and see you next time!


2 thoughts on “Elf Haul!

    • I really like both products, however I believe my recommendation would be based on what brushes you have. The baked blushes are great since you can use an angled contour brush for application whereas the HD blushes are a little more work. I usually apply my HD blush with either a stippling brush or just with my hands. The good thing about the HD blush is that a little of the product goes a long way, and its semi-long wearing. Therefore I would say that the baked blush is more for a typical day whereas the HD blushes require a little bit more work.

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