Too Faced Sweet Indulgence Holiday 2012 review

After going to Sephora almost a month ago now, I was looking for all the holiday sets/collections that were out by various makeup companies. Most and almost all of the holiday collections/sets comes with combinations of eye shadows, blushes, bronzers, highlighters, primers, mascaras, liners and of course lip products (pretty much everything right?!?! lol). I love this time of year because you can get an abudance of products for a great dea, most of which are close to full original size. It is especially good if you are looking for multiple things, such a highlighter, blush, eye shadows, and you can find it all in one collection. After calm and careful consideration of all holiday collections, I decided to get Too Faced’s Sweet Indulgence. Currently Too Faced has multiple sets for this years holiday collection, however this is the biggest set in which they have, I believe. This collection retailed for $52.

Right off the bat, the packaging of this product is so cute! Comes in a pink tin box, with name on the front and the products and ingredients listed on the back. Soft baby pink with gold lettering and trim, very classy and girly in my opinion.  Once opened, the collection is in a matching pink and gold trimmed tin box, which is fairly light in weight.

Once opened, the palette of shadows lies on top with a protective sleve of course. Has too little silky black tabs that you can easily pull on in order to take off the palette of eye shadows. This palette is relatively thin and I am very thankful that it can be completley removed from packaging.

Eyeshadows: 2 mattes and the rest are shimmer (swatches below)

  • In the Buff — Matte ivory (great highlight color)
  • Peach Fuzz — Peach with golden shimmer (you can barely see it in the swatch!)
  • Marshmallow — White shimmer
  • Lovey Dovey — Brown shimmer

  • Copper Peony — Bronzed orange shimmer
  • Teddy Bear — Matte chocolate brown
  • Gum Drop — Medium pink with silver shimmer
  • Malted Milk Ball — Taupey shimmer

  • Satin Sheets — Champagne shimmer (towards the pink side)
  • Nice Stems! — Green with golden shimmer
  • Nice Ash — Blue/grey shimmer
  • Cherry Cola — Burdongdy shimmer

  • Honeymoon — Soft gold with metallic shimmer
  • Pastille — Deep green with silver shimmer
  • Cop a Teal — Bright teal with shimmer
  • Black Sugar — Matte black with multi-color shimmer

Colors are extremeley pigmented, silky like texture, long lasting with minimal fallout. Colors are not powdery, but when applying, I would recommend dabbing your eye shadow brush in the shadow and then tapping off the excess right above so that the remaining product falls right back in the shadow. My favorite eye shadows colors from this palette would have to be Cherry Cola, Cop a Teal, Pastille, Malted Milk Ball and Lovey Dovey.


  • Exclusive Bronzer and Sun Bunny Light

Too Faced Cosmetics was smart with appropriating two different colored bronzers, one light and one a tab bit, but noticeably darker. Both of these bronzers are not matte, they both have a soft sheen in them. We all know that matte bronzers are more preffered by women, therefore these bronzers may have been a “miss” for some since they have a sheen in them. Nonetheless, they are gorgeous!


  • La Vie en Rose and Papa Don’t Peach

A soft rose pink and a warm peachy blush is the great blush color for any skin type. I feel that soft pinks and peachy blushes have the ability to look beautiful on mulitple skin tones. Both of these blushes have a soft sheen within them.


  • Candlelight Glow

This highlight is simply amazing! With already being very familiar with powder and liquid highlights, I was pleasantly shocked to find this amazing highlight in this collection. I have personally never tried any highlights from Too Faced, but I think Candelight Glow has just changed my mind!


In this collection, you also get a few extra goodies.

  • Full size Shadow Insurance Eyeshadow Primer
  • Dal-ended Teddy Bear Hair eyeshadow brush
  • Three how-to cards to create pink chocolate, rock candy, and brown sugar looks

So what are the set backs to this collection, only two that I can think of. The first would be the size of the palette. At least for me, my make up collection is continously growing therefore I am slowly running out of space to station my make up products at. However there are options such as depoting and removing both trays from the tin packaging. The second would be the tin packaging itself. I personally have no problem with it however some people may think it is a little tacky.  Overall, I would highly recommed this holiday collection from Too Faced. I feel that you are getting amazing products at great sizes for a great value! If you are not familiar with Too Faced Cosmetics, you should be!!

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