Sephora Rouge Cream and Maniac Mat lipstick review

A couple weeks ago, I made a trip to Sephora and picked up two lovely lipsticks, a classic red and dark purple. Initially I was getting these lipsticks to go along with my outfit for halloween, a vampire. When thinking vampire, I automatically thought of a red lipstick, so I decided to see the Sephora collection of lipsticks.

After careful selection, I decided on Sephora Collection Rouge Cream Lipstick in Hot Tango 5 for $12. This is a classic medium dark red color with a pink undertone.This color easily glides on your lips giving instant rich color pigmentation. When using this color, I do recommend having exfoliated your lips, moistuirzed and a lip liner because this color, like any, can settle in the fine lines and bleed. Is this color long wearing? Yes only if you have prepared your lips in the ways in which I listed. I do not think that with any lipstick will last longer without having exfoliated, moisturized and lined lips. This lipstick does not leave a stain after being worn and has somewhat of a satin finish. This lipstick is pretty long lasting compared to other lipsticks that I have tried, both drugstore and high end. Would I repurchase? I would have to say only if there was a color that I loved, but other than that, good lipstick!

While still shopping, I thought to myself, what in case I don’t like the red, should I try a more vampy lip? I was glancing around Sephora for OCC Dahlia, which is absolutley gorgeous, but they were out of it. Regardless, I kept searching for a back up. Whilst in the sale section, I noticed a bin particular consisting of thinly packaged lipsticks. I began diving into this box, searching around for different colors, when I stumbled upon this beauty.

This is the Sephora Collection Maniac Mat Long Wearing Matte Lipstick in Mat 04 for $7. Honestly, I was a little mislead by the sale section. The box that these lipsticks was in had been labeled $4, when in actualy reality upon purchasing this item, it was $7. At first, I was iffy because I didn’t know if I would like it, but turns out that it was made for me! This lipstick truly lives up to its name, long wearing lipstick. Always with lip products, i’ve already exfoliated, moisturized and lined prior to application. This color is absolutley gorgeous, its a very deep plum purple, that with enough layers shows as a deep purple/black.  After deciding to wear this color on Halloween, I only had to reapply/touch up one time throughout the night, with first having applied the color at 4:30pm and having it last till 2:30am!! (long night!!). This lipstick has a beautiful matte finish and needs slim to none of reapplication. Overall, I am very happy with this specific lipstick. I plan to wear this a lot more now that it is fall time and darker plumy lips are in season :).

Above, are swatches of both lipsticks. Disclaimer: Each swatch was one swipe per lipstick. Colors are darker and bolder with heavier hand when applying and using layering methods.


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