The Balm Cosmetics Sale on Hautelook

The Balm Cosmetics was having a huge sale on that I just had to take advantage of.  Their sale was 50% and the items they had available ranged from palettes, to pigments, mascaras, concealers, powders, lip products and nail polishes.  With already being impressed with The Balm Cosmetics, my Shady Lady volume 1 palette, I knew that I wouldn’t be disappointed with their other products.  Currently, The Balm Cosmetics line is being sold at Marshall’s and T.J. Maxx, but unfortunately the closest retail locations never have these products and when they do they’re never sealed. The negative of this line being no longer sold at Sephora/Ulta or any other big cosmetic outlet, is that the availability of products shrink and the likelihood of finding a product unopened is slim to none. So initially your best bet of finding this product is taking the risk at Marshall’s/T.J Maxx, or find an amazing deal on or just purchase your products at full price on their website, sigh.

One great perk about the palettes is the outside case in which they come in. I enjoy this cosmetic lines style of packaging. Each palette has a covering to prevent, as much as possible, from it getting dirty. So overall I only purchased four items, one loose pigment and three eye shadow palettes. I got the single shadow: If you’re rich, I’m single (taupey/gray pigment), Meet Matt(e) palette, Nude Tude palette and the Shady Lady volume 3 palette. Can’t get enough of eye shadow palettes 🙂

Overshadow “If you’re rich, I’m single” mineral eye shadow

As soon as I saw this eye shadow, I was immediately reminded of one of my favorite eye shadows of all time, Satin Taupe by MAC. This color is absolutely gorgeous and I knew that I needed to have it. On the sale, they only had four different versions of these, but this was the color that I wanted.  This shadow was originally $15 but I got it for $7.50.  Packaging of this product is super cute, very feminine. This color is a taupe brown color with shimmer, super pretty to apply just on the lid, or a little in the crease. I currently don’t own any shadows from this collection, but I am eager to see if they will be expanding this collection.  This product is talc-free, parable-free, fragrance-free, oil free and non-comedogenic.

Meet Matte Palette

This palette attracted my attention because it is an all matte palette, something that I only have one of, my 88 matte palette from Coastal Scents. The names in this palette are super adorable, all starting with Matt and then having different last names. This eight colored eye shadow palette is originally $34, but thanks to the sale, I grabbed it for only $17. Thinking about it now, I would not pay full price for this since you only get 8 shades which would make each shade worth $4.25.  With this palette now being sold at $17, leaves each single eye shadow worth $2.125, which is more like it! Now don’t get me wrong, I have purchased a palette from this cosmetic line at full price when they still were being sold at Sephora, but those eye shadows were twice the size of these shadows (Shady Lady palette vol 1). This product is paraben-free.

Colors in this palette are:

  • Matt Smith (soft tan)
  • Matt Gallagher (medium brown)
  • Matt Ramirez (dark brown)
  • Matt McDonald(dark gray/taupe)
  • Matt Horwitz (dark blue)
  • Matt Chung (medium pink)
  • Matt Batali (dark plum)
  • Matt Schiling (teal)
  • Matt Patel (browney taupe)

Nude ‘Tude Palette

Yes another neutral palette! I don’t know what it is lately, but I am very interested in nude palettes. Nude palettes, like this, have the ability to relax or enhance an eye look. You can go very natural or you can go as far as smoking it out with the darker shades in the palette. Neutral palettes are popular because of the versatility you can get out it. This palette has a mix of matte and shimmer, with dominantly having more shimmer than matte. This 12 eye shadow palette retails for $36 originally however I got it only for $17 during the sale. At full price, you were getting each shade for only $3 whereas now i’m getting each shade for less than $1.50 each! What a steal if you really look into what you are getting 🙂  This palette comes with dual ended brush that has synthetic bristles and this palette is talc and paraben free. Packaging is great and the placement of shadows with the women as the design is cute and smart.

  • Sassy (white frost)
  • Stubborn (pale shimmering nude pink)
  • Snobby (light gold)
  • Stand-Offish (metallic champagne)

  • Selfish (taupe with shimmer)
  • Sophisticated (gray with silver shimmer)
  • Sultry (deep matte brown)
  • Seductive (soft shimmering bronze)

  • Sexy (rich matte mahogany)
  • Serious (matte black)
  • Silly (rich brown with gold shimmer)
  • Sleek (deep matte brown)

Shady Lady palette volume 3

With already being the proud owner of the first generation Shady Lady palette, I have always had an interested in their other versions, volume two and three. While doing my research, I noticed that the Shady Lady volume two had a duplicate of one of the shadows in the first volume, Caught in the act Courtney, a dark brown with golden shimmer. After thoroughly looking over the second volume of this palette, I decided to pass on it since the colors were intriguing me enough. However that all changed when I saw the third volume of the Shady Lady series.

This palette did not have any duplicates from either volume one or two, so that was a positive. The colors of the shadows in this palette are more likely to be used by me. All of the shadows in this palette are either shimmer or glitter shades, no mattes. This palette usually retails at $39 but I got it for $19.50, which is probably the biggest deal out of all my purchases. This palette has the largest sized shadows in it, they are as a big as a quarter! The teal shade, “Open to offers Olwen” is my favorite! What’s yours?

Palette includes:

Lusty Lee (light silver)

Envious Erin (metallic ivory)

Racy Kacy (light warm brown)

Safe bet Annette (pearly pink)

Runaround Rebecca (spring green)

Come-Hither Heather (light lilac silver)

Open to offers Olwen (teal shimmer)

All the Way Annie (soft purple shimmer)

Guilty Gwen (black with silver shimmer)

Overall I am very happy with my recent purchase of the Balm Cosmetics via I’ve had my eyes on these products for quite some time now and i’m glad to have my hands on them, especially for half price! Hope you enjoyed this review, if you would like to see swatches from these palettes, please let me know 🙂


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