Kat Von D True Romance Pigments Spring 2011 collection

Finally got my hands on some stuff from Kat Von D’s makeup line at my Sephora. With having gone to Sephora multiple times, I always tended to walk past her section just because I felt that I had dupes for all of her eye shadows. However, my last trip to Sephora changed my mind about her line. While walking past the sale section, I noticed a tub of Kat Von D True Romance pigments, which were only $7, originally I believe they were $21. There were only three colors in the bin, a purple, blue and bronze. With already having several blue pigments, I focused more of my attention to the gold and bronze, which were named Meditation and Torment.  This collection was made up of 6 different colored pigments, Meditation (bronze with gold shimmer), Starcrossed (shimmery beige), Jonnette (bright blue shimmer), Torment (purple with blue shimmer), Ladyhawk (maroon/burgundy shimmer) and Rapture (peachy gold shimmer). These pigments texture and color payoff have been compared MAC cosmetics pigments and all contain 5 grams of pigment.

Torment first attracted my attention because one, I love purple, and second I do not own a purple pigment that has a blue shimmer in it. Packaging is super cute, definitely screams Kat Von D with the roses across the bottle. Top of bottle screws on easily and inside there is a protective stopper so that when opening, pigment wont fly everywhere.

The other color that I purchased was Meditation, a beautiful bronze gold pigment. I actually was in a battle with myself debating between this color and the blue pigment, Jonnette, but like I said earlier, this pigment won. I feel like I could wear this color more often then the blue pigment. You can never go wrong with browns or bronzes for any skin tone!

Swatches of both pigments:

Before applying pigments to my hand, I prepped my skin with Urban Decay primer potion in Eden, the matte primer. Staring all the way of the left is Mediation is applied dry, next to it is applied wet.  The second shade is different, the smaller swatch is Torment applied dry whereas the larger swatch is Torment applied wet. (Applied both pigments wet with MAC Fix +).

Here is an up close look at the swatches of Mediation. As you can tell, you get better pay off from this pigment when applied with a base and wet.

Here is an up close look at the swatches of Torment. As you can tell, you get better pay off from this pigment when applied with a base and wet. The wet pigment tends to look more like a blue-toned purple however in person it appears a solid purple.


  • Has no parabens, synthetic fragrances, phthalates and GMOS.
  • It is a mineral based formula that adheres to the skin very well.
  • Very pigmented and is still wearable if applied dry with using a base.


  • For more pigmentation pay off, recommended to apply these pigments wet.
  • Wish there was a better color selection, like forest greens, or burnt oranges, etc.

Overall, would I repurchase? I feel that I would only repurchase this pigment if I could catch it at this sale. That might sound messed up because this is a great product, however I would not pay $21 for it. I have gotten pigments from various makeup company’s for $7 or less with equal pigmentation and wear ability. If anyone has tried the other colors, please let me know how they are/were. If they are worth purchasing or passing up? Until next time!!

7 thoughts on “Kat Von D True Romance Pigments Spring 2011 collection

    • Thank you, yeah your review is awesome! It’s tempting me to look more into her line. I’ve heard a lot of people compare her products to MAC, for how pigmented and long lasting the eye shadows are. Yeah I was shocked at her pigments, very pleased with the purchase 🙂

  1. I recently bought the Torment one and I was surprisingly disappointed. I’d heard such good things about Kat Von D products that I had high expectations. I thought that it had a tendency to ball and scrunch up too much and I had to really layer it on to get any good color, even over a base. Using it wet fixed the pigmentation, but it balled up even more and set too quickly to blend properly. I just can’t win with this pigment. Much prefer the Bella Pierre ones I have.

    • I’m sorry that Torment didn’t work out for you. I currently haven’t experienced any of that. The only reason that I could think of it balling up is if the bases weren’t smoothed out or there was remaining oil on your lid. Regardless, still a bummer 😦

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