Urban Decay Vice Palette

I finally got the Vice palette!  This palette is packed with so many new things, its amazing! First and foremost, this palette comes with all new, never before previewed eye shadows. 20 brand spanking new eye shadows that have never been released, so you will not find any of these eye shadows in any of their previous palettes which is a plus!  Urban Decay had a history of duplicating shadows in various palettes, such as Half Baked, Midnight Cowboy, etc. So far good job Urban Decay for introducing no duplicated shadows!!

So let’s first start with the packaging. On the outside, this palette is a deep purple/blue with a medium sized Urban Decay emblem that is nothing new. This emblem has been featured on a palette in the past. This palette comes with twenty new colors ranging from brights to neutral to mattes and shimmers. Each eye shadow is a tad bit smaller than the eye shadows if you were to buy them individually. That’s great that they are almost full size due to the pricing of this palette. If you think about it, each individual eye shadow from Urban Decay retails at $18. You are getting twenty new shadows, a little less than full size for only $59. If you were to buy each eye shadow from this palette individually, you would be spending $360. That is one reason why I love palettes, and I am actually kind of obsessed. The amount of eye shadows in a palette is well worth the price when you think about how much each shadow is sold individually, especially if its high end like Urban Decay.  This palette retailed for $59 and can be found on Urban Decay’s website, Sephora, Ulta

It features a gigantic mirror inside, larger than previous palettes from Urban Decay. This palette also comes with the dual-ended Good Karma Shadow and Crease Brush, a duplicate brush that can be found in the Naked 2 palette.  One last thing that makes this palette different from the past palettes, is the button on the front which full opens the top. Urban Decay really stepped their game up on packaging as a whole for this holiday palette. This is probably the best holiday palette in my opinion comparing to the past couple years.

Colors are as following, going row by row, left to right.

  • Desperation – Taupe brown with satin finish
  • Muse – Deep sepia brown with multicolored sparkle
  • Jagged – Metallic black gold with shimmer
  • Junkie – Dark greenish blue with golden shimmer
  • Chaos – Bright blue matte!
  • Occupy – Metallic steel grey with sparkle and shimmer

  • Provocateur – Soft metallic mauve with multicolored shimmer
  • Rapture – Dark grey/ purple with shimmer
  • Vice – Deep eggplant purple with shimmer
  • Nevermind – Metallic cork with shimmer finish
  • Echo Beach – Pale tan with shimmer finish
  • Anonymous – Opaque light tan with matte finish

  • Blitz – Metallic yellow gold with shimmer
  • Penny Lane – Metallic bronze with golden shimmer
  • Unhinged – Metallic turquoise with shimmer
  • Black Market – Black satin finish

  • Noise – Electric pink with gold shimmer
  • Armor – Metallic grey with silver glitter shimmer finish
  • Free Bird – Pink champagne with silver shimmer finish
  • Laced – Opaque pinky taupe with matte finish

These are the swatches of all twenty shades from this palettes. These swatches are in order of the colors listed above. Prior to applying these shades, I primed my arm with Benefit’s Stay don’t Stray eye shadow primer. Each shade I swiped my finger one, no back and forth motion and this is what the color pay off looks like.  If i were to rub my fingers in the shadows and then apply to my arm, yes the colors would be darker. But as you can see from this one swipe, these colors are amazing. All of these shadows are apparent on my skin tone, even Anonymous!

Check out my Vice palette reachtion here:

6 thoughts on “Urban Decay Vice Palette

  1. Oh man, there are some REALLY beautiful shades in this collection. But I have SO many shadows that I don’t use at all, not sure I can rationalize another palette like this, no matter the great value. Thanks for the swatches though, I will have to keep it in mind!

    • Yeah the colors in this palette are definitely my favorite out of all the palettes from Urban Decay, and they’re all new shadows! I agree, I have a million eye shadows in my makeup collection, but man I knew I had to get my hands on this! I’m also sure you can find some comparable dupes in your collection for the shades in this palette 🙂

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