Bareminerals Night Vision limited edition waterproof liners review

Little story: While cleaning out my wallet, I stumbled upon an old gift certificate one of my girlfriends gave me and that was still unused. Therefore, I made it apparent to stop by my nearest Bare Essentials store and take a peek around. I have tried some of Bare Essentials products in the past such as primers, foundations and pigments. The brand didn’t shock me years ago as much as I would have liked it to which explains why I don’t regularly shop there.  However they are still a great cosmetic line, so I am in no way saying that they arn’t.  However after walking in their store today, I have a completely different interpretation of this cosmetic line.

With being kindly greeted by multiple staff, one woman made it apparent to show me directly to the holiday section. While at first I was curious to why she pointed me in the direction since I hadn’t said what I was looking for, I soon came to understand that she could read me like a book. In this holiday section were beautiful palettes, blush and foundation sets and this Night Vision set that I managed to get my hands on. With being a lover of liners, my eyes were immediately drawn to the bottom shelf where this set was sitting along with the pencils out for shoppers to test out, which is exactly what I did.  Trying out the blue pencil first, I was very surprised at the texture, it glided on my skin with complete ease. I immediately recognized this blue color and compared it to the Urban Decay 24/7 glide on pencil in Clash.  After testing out all of the liners and glancing around the store one more time for any other intriguing items, I made a getaway with this amazing product. One of the best perks of this product is that all of these liners are waterproof!!

This is what the packaging looks like inside of the box the product came in. This product was a limited edition set from a past holiday collection. This set comes with one pencil sharpener, one full size black liner, and four mini liners that are colored. This set retailed for $29. The colors of these pencils  range from blacks, blues, to burgondy and metallic gold. The first full size pencil is called Midnight, a dark matte black.  11pm is a dark matte charcoal gray. 4am is a vibrant shimmer blue, which is very similar to Urban Decay’s 24/7 liner in Clash as I’ve already mentioned. 5am is the eye popping color in this set, it’s a metallic golden silver. Lastly there is 6am which is a gorgeous wine/burgundy color with a soft shimmer.

Here are some up close swatches, starting with Midnight on the left followed with 11pm,4am,5am and finally 6am.  These colors are extremely pigmented and glide on very easily. The only downfall is that when applying the first two shades, Midnight and 11pm, the tip of both liners cracked so I immediately placed them in the freezer so that the pencil would harden and I would not lose any of the product. I applied these pencils with a light hand so I am not sure to why they started cracking and coming apart. The colored liners applied smoothly and evenly on my hand.

Here is a further away view so you can see how the liners appear from further away. I have noticed that these liners are smudgeable when first applied however they do not smudge after setting. When I use these liners, I set them with corresponding shadows to hold them in place.

Overall I thoroughly enjoy these liners. They are waterproof, vibrant, pigmented, creamy like consistency and long lasting. I recommend this product to people who are used to liners from Urban Decay, Makeup forever and other high end brands because these liners have a lot to offer if you use them correctly.

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