LA Splash Cosmetics Review: Liquid eyeliners, mineral eye shadows and body/face glitters

Earlier this year at IMATS (International Make-up Artist Tradeshow) in Pasadena, California, I made it apparent to stop by LA Splash Cosmetics booth. With not having purchased anything from their cosmetic line, I was really intrigued to try out there products. At their booth, products ranged from mascaras, eyeliners, pigments, mineral shadows and a whole lot of glitter. That is one thing about this line that I noticed immediately, they have so much glitter!! While shopping at their booth, I came across two large tubs fillled with products ranging  from liners to mascaras and even pigments. When walking up to it, I noticed the sign on the tub stating “1 for $2 or 10 for $10. Well knowing me, it was going to get dangerous. I first starting looking through each tub and selected 5 different colored liquid eye liners along with 5 different mineral/glitter pigments. What a steal for only $10. I chose five of the colored eye liners because as I grow as a makeup artist, I enjoy branching out and experimenting with different products. Each of the liquid liners comes with 0.3oz of product and the mineral eye shadows/body glitter come with .3gm.  After leaving the booth very happy, I began to walk around IMATS to other booths and found myself constantly thinking about all of the other products that I could gain on sale! So yes, I traveled back to their booth and dug through the bins to find 10 more products, five different colored liners and five mineral eye shadows/body glitter.  So overall I left their booth with 10 different liquid liners and 10 different mineral eye shadows/glitter for only $20, what a steal!

LA Splash Liquid Liners:

Sparkling Crystaling (13047G)- Translucent multi colored glitter Tectonic Glitz (13070G) – Orange with gold glitter Starburst Pink (13022) – Bright metallic pink with soft pink shimmer Crimson Tide (13016) – Metallic burnt pink/auburn Sea Turtle Green (13009) – Grass green Kryptonite (13042G) – Black with green glitter (chose a photo upclose so you can see the color payoff) Northern Light (13052) – Metallic blue with soft blue shimmer Brown (13027) – Light brown Mojave Brown (13092) – Dark brown with gold shimmer

Review: Having used all of these liquid liners, I now feel that I can give a honest review of them. Starting off with the packaging, I enjoy the appearance, with having a long black top that is very easy to tighten or loosen. Labeling on the product is standard including, name of product, ingredients, and where this product is manufactured from. This product is accompanied with a very thin painting brush that without experience may be hard to work with. One negative to this applicator tip is that when its frazzled or placed back within the liner jar incorrectly, you can mess up the brush. Only after one careful usage of the color Mojave Brown, the liquid had thickened and the brush is a mess.  Reasoning to why this happened, no clue. I always fasten the top on and place the wand in securely, so the drying out of this product could be due to the top not being fully fastened or the product had just gone bad. With trying to clean the brush and place the hairs on the brush back to how they were before proves to be impossible. So with that said, I am very bummed about one of the liquid liners as a whole since the product became clumpy and the brush became impossible to use. Pigmentation of the products range. The four glittered liners are very much so just glitter liners with little base in them (Sparkling Crystaling, Kryptonite, Tectonic Glitz and Chameleon). Because Kryptonite is a black with green shimmer, in order for the shimmer to appear, you must layer a couple coats to get any pay off. Whereas the other glitters have no problems.  Wear-ability of these liners is decent. When using these, I usually put down a primer underneath and then sometime set it with eye shadow depending on the color and placement of the liner. These liners do set somewhat quickly which is a positive.  Finally pricing, I cannot argue that I picked up these liners for only $1 each at IMATS. I am not sure how much they usually cost. Overall I do enjoy these liners even with a negative or so.

LA Splash Cosmetics Mineral eye shadows (2) and body/face Glitters (8):

Mineral eyeshadow: Baja Sand (16166) – Soft tan with golden sheen Mineral eyeshadow: Pink Diamonds (16155) – Dark pink with golden sheen Body/Face Glitter: Malibu Beach (16031) – Red with gold glitter Body/Face Glitter: Golden Seahorse (16003) – Metallic gold with golden glitter

Body/Face Glitter: Tropical Lime (16117) – Lime green soft silver sheen Body/Face Glitter: Seaweed (16114) – Green with golden sheen Body/Face Glitter: Pineapple Coral (16977) – Dark green shimmer Body/Face Glitter: Abalone Shell (16070) – Burnt bronze shimmer Body/Face Glitter: Purple Oasis (16158) – Metallic Lilac Body/Face Glitter: Submarine (16105) – Dark blue with blue shimmer Review: Packaging of these mineral eye shadows/glitters is standard. These have standard labeling and include a plastic shield inside of the product so that you can use the amount necessary for any makeup look without having too much product being open to spillage. The pigmentation is amazing, a little bit of these products goes a long way. For the best application of these products, I would recommend priming your lid or wherever else you would like to use these products prior so the true color can appear. Wear-ability wise, for the really glitter shades, it’s good to put down a color base that  way when you apply these shadows it only enhances your eye look.  Finally pricing, I cannot argue that I picked up these liners for only $1 each at IMATS. I am not sure how much they usually cost. Overall I do enjoy these mineral shadows and body glitter. Thanks for taking the time to read my review on these products from LA Splash Cosmetics. Check out my IMATS haul where I breifly talk about these products. Fast forward to 12:15 to hear about LA Splash. See you next time!


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