Hard Candy Cosmetics

I heard about Hard Candy Cosmetics over a year ago and was really interested in trying their products out. Hard Candy Cosmetics is exclusively sold at Walmart, yes Walmart. I am currently not sure if they are sold elsewhere, I have heard rumors that they are sold at  Rite-Aid, but unfortunately I do not have any near me so I cannot confirm that.  So because the line is sold at Walmart, it does tend to be a lottery if I can find all products that have not been opened already by other shoppers. I am not sure what it is, but everytime that I go to Walmart, products are everywhere, powder and lipstick covering the floor, hair dye spilled, etc.  However on my two accounts of going to Walmart, all of my products were sealed closed so no one else could dig their hands into it. After two extensive shopping trips at different Walmart’s I came across 9 different products that I enjoy from this line. The products are primers, eye creams, blush and bronzers, makeup remover, mascara and concealer. So here we go!

1) Hard Candy Sheer Envy Skin Perfecting Primer ($8)

Overall, I have tried various skin primers and haven’t yet found the “one” yet. My skin type is normal/dry therefore primers definitely are my best friend when it comes to making my face makeup last. However this product is not for people who have combination/oily skin!  The only negative to this product is that it is a silicone base, so  it can feel extra oily and some people may not want to put silicone on their face.  The consistency is a white gel, which glides onto your face filling in the fine lines. I have noticed that it is not ideal to apply your liquid foundation immediatley after since your application can look streaky, therefore wait 2 minutes, so that the primer can sink in.

2) Hard Candy Eye’m Tired ($5)

I’m just starting to get back into eye creams and I am very impressed with this product. This product claims to “depuff, brighten and firms” and it does just that! The applicator tip has there metal balls which you can use to rub the product on your under eye area.  A little bit of this product goes a long way.

3) Hard Candy Hide and Glow Cheek in Pillow Talk ($6)

This cheek stain is double sided, giving you the option of two beautiful pink colors to use a blush. As the swatch above shows, one pink is more vibrant (left) whereas the other color is more rose-toned. If you are holding the bottle upright, the color on the left in the picture above is the color on top and the more rose colored stain is on bottom.

4) Hard Candy Fox in a Box – Bronzing Duos in Truth or Dare ($6)

I absolutely love the colors and the payoff when applying one or both at the same time. Comes with a cute little brush that you can apply both shades in, so that’s great. The pink color is matte whereas the bronzer does have a soft golden sheen in it. I love to combine these colors or just wear them one at a time cause they’re beautiful!

5) Hard Candy Take it Off makeup remover ($5)

There are various makeup removers that I have tried, both high end and drugstore which don’t perform to what the product claims it “does”.  Hard Candy Cosmetics definitely surprised me with this product as it claims to remove glitter, waterproof and long lasting products because it does remove just that!  I’m used to scrubbing the makeup remover multiple times over my face to remove glitter, waterproof eyeliner, etc. So I was very surprised when using this product that glitter on my lid, which was applied with a primer and glitter adhesive, came off in one swipe!

6) Hard Candy Lashaholic in Super Volume Mascara in blackest black ($7)

When selecting what kind of mascara from Hard Candy’s line, it definitely took me a little. Hard Candy has multiple mascaras which claim to do certain things such as lengthen, thicken, darken and gives volume to your lashes.  Hard Candy also has a whole separate collection of colored mascaras. I chose this volumionousness mascara because I like that kind of effect for my lashes the best. Prior to this purchase,  I heard great reviews about this product via friends and online blogs/websites. Also it is a super cute tube that is a dark bright pink, if that makes sense?  The only negative to this product is that  it was a bit dry in the formula, as if it had been sitting out in the sun, opened, for several hours. However, the mascara is still usable, I just wished that I had picked another tube, so that’s a bummer.

7) Hard Candy Glamoflauge  heavy duty concealer with pencil ($6)

Who doesn’t love concealer? Especially one that actually conceals what needs to be concealed! I am very impressed with this concealer I must say. Packaging wise, I am so happy that it comes with a pencil to because I am starting to get more into concealer pencils. The tube provides a very bendable creamy texture, and a little bit of this product goes far.  Interesting fact is that on the packaging, there is a three step process in using the tube/pencils in order to conceal tattoos, which I thought was great, even though my tattoo’s do not need concealing 🙂

8 and 9) Bronzers

These are the two products which I am actually very happy to talk about. In the past, I was never the bronzer girl, but within the last year, I can’t find myself with out putting some type of bronzer on! For my personal application, I use a light hand when applying so that my cheek bones are defined and there is a hint of color and or shimmer.  These two bronzers give me that, the first, Tropics is a bronzer with a soft gold shimmer in it whereas Heat wave has a lot softer sheen in it, less noticeable. In the swatch above, the color on top is Heat wave and Tropics is on bottom. As you can tell from the swatch,  Heat wave is a little bit darker than Tropics.

In conclusion, I am satisfied with the products that I have purchased from Hard Candy Cosmetics. Here are some pros and cons about the pros/cons in my opinion of this cosmetic line.


  • Pricing is affordable and on the cheaper side
  • Good quality of products
  • They do not test on Animals!


  • Availability in stores
  • Silicone in the primer
  • Unlikelihood of untouched products at Walmart
  • My Lashaholic Mascara was a bit dried out even with all packaging sealed 😦

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