Urban Decay Sale!

Good afternoon everyone!

Today, i’m going to be reviewing with you all of the products in which I purchased from Urban Decay’s website during one of their best sales yet!  With already being obsessed with UD’s products, once I found out about their sale, via twitter, I couldn’t help myself.  The products that were on sale ranged from old palettes, old and new matte/shimmer individual eye shadows, concealer pencils, highlighter, lipsticks/lipglosses, body art/glitter and more!  I carefully chose these items without trying to duplicate anything that I already have from Urban Decay such as the eye shadows. Overall, I only duplicated two eye shadows, both of which were in the Feminine pallet, Darkhorse and Midnight Cowboy.

I placed my order on August 6th, Monday and automatically received a confirmation email. With just placing my order on Monday, I was jubliant to receive my shipment on August 10th, Friday, with their amazingly fast shipping. When purchasing, I activated my 10% discount since I subscribed to their mailing list, which was amazing!  Since I was going crazy during this sale, I noticed that there was offered free shipping for any purchases over $50.00 therefore I had to take that opportunity! In total, for only $68.00, I got 2 pallets, a lipstick, cream highlight, concealer pencil, body glitter, lickable body powder and a single matte eye shadow. What a deal!

Perks of ordering during this sale:  Nothing was broken when I opened my package, including the delicate products such as the eyeshadows.  Got a free lipstick case which was limited edition with a purchase of any lipstick. Free Naked Skin Smart Sample card , which did not only have one shade but 4 different foundation shades along with a tool to help you find out what color you are! Fast shipping and an additional coupon for my next order.

So here is a list of all of the products, including pictures and the sale price. (Disclaimer: I purchased all these products with my own money!)

1) Cream Highlight in Wicked ($4) 

2) Lipstick in Love Child ($8) (came with free lipstick case, limited edition)

3)  ABC Gum Matte eye shadow ($9)

4)  Starlight Glitter Body Art ($6)

5) 24/7 Cream Concealer Pencil ($5)

6)  Sparkling Lickable Body Powder in Marshmellow (smells so  yummy!) ($6)

7) The Black Palette ($16) (came with mini eye shadow primer potion in Eden and black UD pencil in Zero)

8) The Feminine Palette ($16)  (came with mini eye shadow primer potion in Eden and black UD pencil in Zero)

Overall, I am very satisfied with my purchase with Urban Decay. The sale prices were amazing, free products with my purchase, fast shipping, and color pay off is completely satisfying! While checking out, I enjoyed that I could enter in multiple codes for discounts. Most websites only limit you to one code, so that’s amazing that Urban Decay is so generous! I’ll most definitely be looking forward to my next purchase from them!  If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below. Talk to you all soon!

Check out my eye makeup tutorial using the feminine palette 🙂


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