Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade Review

What’s the hottest thing of 2014? Well that’s easy brows! It’s now become even easier to fill in, arch, sculpt and define brows with all the new products launching on the market. The most buzzed about beauty products from brows is from non other than the brow queen herself, Anastasia. Anastasia Beverly hills is notorious for her brow products whether its soft pencils, powders, gels that fill in and hold brows in place all day and all night.


Her newest product to add to her golden collection is her dip brow. Similar name to MAC cosmetics product called dip down, which is the exact same product. Dip Down is a name of a gel pomade from MAC Cosmetics, it’s not the name of the actual product, if that makes sense? My beauty ladies know what I mean! Anastasia created dip brow which is a colored gel pomade that fills in brows and instantly makes them smudge proof, waterproof and fade proof. She currently has five shades in the dip brow, Blonde, Dark brown, Chocolate, Auburn and Ebony. For fall 2014, she will be launching Taupe, Soft brown and Medium brown. With this large range of shades, there will be a color to suit everyone’s brows.


While at IMATS LA this past January, I knew that these products were launching. I knew it was now or never that I could be one of the first to pick up this product and at a discounted price! After speaking with the lovely Kelly Eden, I decided to pick up two different shades in the dip brow, Blonde and Dark brown. My natural brow hair color is a medium brown therefore due to my hair color being dirty blonde, I fluctuate between both shades. Depending on the day I will outline with dark brown and fill in with blonde. Whereas sometimes I’ll do full brow in one whole shade. I definitely favor dark brown over blonde currently because it gives me more of a defined brow, which I’m currently enjoying.


At first I was a little skeptic on using this product because it takes a sturdy hand to apply. Due to being an avid coffee drinker, I make sure to apply my brows first in the morning as I begin drinking coffee so that my hands don’t mess me up! With the release of this pomades, there is also a brush that is suited for this type of product. The #19 brush is different from the typical angled liner brush because the bristles are cut at various lengths which give a consistent perfect line of application. While the brush is amazing, I typically use this product with my varied angled liner brushes from Crown, Royal and Langnickle, Sephora or even Sigma. I feel all angled brushes that I have used work well with this product.


As you can see in the image above, I couldn’t wait to dig into the Blonde dip brow. I primarily picked this shade because there are various times where I would like to achieve a softer brow since I typically do heavier eye makeup on the regular. This color and I have had our ups and downs. Sometimes when applying, I feel this product can sheer itself out too much so that I feel myself going over an area multiple times to get more defined color pay off.  However sometimes I do feel that it gives me such a natural effect and I love it! That could also be due to me having good brow days and bad brow days. So I am not bashing the product, I just wish this color and I would be consistent. I’m not giving up on it, I will still give blonde another shot at being in my must-have draw in my vanity.


Dark brown on the other hand, is a different story. I currently see myself using this every day. When I first starting using this shade, it was very easy to apply to much product and have to take extra time to blend, comb and soften the look. When using this product, I outline bottom and top, then start to fill in from outer tail inwards. Once I hit the pupil of the eye, I start lightly fanning this product inward from the beginning of my brow to get a softer ombre-like look. Even though this color is very dark, when blended and combed out, if appears fairly soft.

Packaging of these gel pomade’s is typical in a small jar yet has a lot of product inside. To ensure the longevity of the product, please keep product sealed and stored out of harsh sunlight. On the back of the product it details 6 month shelf life however I feel that if you take good care of your product, it should last longer. Application of this product glides on like a dream and is easily blend-able when working quickly with the product. Pricing is $18 which is not horrible for this kind of product.

Who or what kind of client would I recommend this product to? This product is suitable for all skin types, especially oily skin. I would also throughly recommend this product for clients who like a crisp bold brow and a soft natural brow as well. Also this product would work great for to clients who feel they fill in their brows in the morning and by 2:00pm their gone or smudged away. Now is it the best gel pomade base for brows, that’s a whole other discussion. Stop by your local Sephora and try out these bad boys when they’re not sold out since they’re so popular!

Sugarpill Addicted to pretty collection

Founder/Creator of Sugarpill, Amy and I

It’s about time that I featured one of my favorite brands on my blog. If you’re not familiar with Sugarpill Cosmetics, you are clearly living under a rock. Sugarpill Cosmetics, based in Berkeley California, is a 100% cruelty-free and vegan line that has richly pigmented cosmetics. It was actually thanks to Queen of Blending that I found out about Sugarpill Cosmetics, who is also really good friends with Amy. It’s now also thanks to Amy that I am even more comfortable to use bright colored cosmetics all over the face.


Sugarpill cosmetics has unparalleled eye shadows for not only their outstanding pigmentation, but also the size of each eye shadow is quite large. In comparison, a typical MAC eye shadow is about the size of a quarter whereas Sugarpill eye shadows are the size of a half-dollar. Not only are they generally larger in size, there also way more pigmented and are available at a lesser value! Sugarpill is not alone with just their eye shadows, they also have loose eye shadows, pigments, lashes,  and even brushes. With all of their amazing products thus far, it keeps me excited for whats in store next.


Each palette in this collection had the above packaging. Super cute pink design with crown like details accompanying the name Sugarpill. Prior to this packaging, the palettes were blue with similar if not same design. Due to Sugarpill debuting for the first time at IMATS 2010, they’ve changed their packaging to all pink.  The palette is relatively small, small enough to fit in your hand. The packaging is predominantly cardboard, so this product is somewhat sturdy. Each palette also is accompanied with a small mirror that is useful when traveling with the palette.


The addicted to pretty collection is composed of three main palettes along with multiple individual eye shadows. From this collection, I own the three main palettes. The palettes in this collection are Burning heart, Sweet heart and the Heart breaker. The colors in the Burning heart palette are the following, Flamepoint, Buttercupcake, Love+ and Poison Plum. In the Sweetheart palette, the colors are Dollipop, Afterparty, Midori, and Tako. Last but certainly not least is the Heartbreaker palette with Mochi, 2AM, Acidberry and Velocity.

Sweetheart palette

Above is the sweetheart palette. This was the second palette out of three that I obtained via IMATS. The white shade Tako is the most used in this palette for my underbrow highlight. I also throughly love Dollipop which is the vibrant pink. Midori is a beautiful forest green shade. Afterparty is a vibrant deep blue shade. I use Afterparty and Midori often when I do an ombre eye shadow look, or even in my brows

Sweetheart palette back

Isn’t the backside of the packaging adorable?!?! I love the color concept, the colored writing, and the style. This packaging concept makes it very clear to see what colors are in the palette, which are all designated by shade which is smart. I love how you can easily find contact information on the left side of the packaging below the cat. Oh and did you know, the white cat on the packaging is Amy’s real cat named Tako?!?! Cute huh!

Burning heart palette

The burning heart palette was the last of the three palettes that I obtained. It took me a while to get my hands on this last palette because it is the most popular one. This palette was constantly sold out at IMATS so I made it apparent this year to go to their booth first to ensure my pick up. This palette is loud with such vibrant colors, all of which are complementary to one another. Poison plum is definitely my favorite in this palette. However each other color is very individual and unique. Buttercake is the most vibrant opaque yellow i’ve ever used. Flamepoint is a true red which is very hard to make because red is not a natural shade. Love + screams sunset orange to me and is truly beautiful used alone or combined with other shades.


Last but certainly not least is the palette that I have had the longest in this collection, and also have gotten a lot of usage out of. This is the Heart Breaker palette, the bright cool toned blue, green and purple palette.  Acidberry is warm limegreen shade with some sheen to it. Velocity is the definition of ocean blue that is matte. 2am is my favorite and that is a warm purple toned matte shade. Last but not least is Mochi which is a cool toned matte teal.


This was my first ever eye shadow palette from Sugarpill. I’ve used this palette so much that Mochi isn’t fully adhered any more, if I tip the palette over, Mochi falls out. While this is easily fixable, it just comes to show how much work I’ve put into this palette. As you can see in the image above, 2Am and Mochi are very well used. Lately i’m starting to get more usage for Acidberry, especially in my inner tearduct area when I am doing a fade effect on my eye lid.  Using Acidberry on the inner corner, Mochi on majority of the lid, Velocity in the outer corner and 2AM in the crease is a go to look using this palette.

Overall I give Sugarpill an A+ for this palettes and everything else in this collection. I think the brand is simply amazing, the pigmentation of the products is outstanding and the longevity is impeccable. Sugarpill has definitely set the bar high for competing cosmetic companies. Not only is the bar raised for cosmetic companies, but especially for companies who are 100% vegan, gluten and cruelty-free as well! Also it’s not available to get all three of these palettes together in their “Pro Palette”, something that I missed out on since I already owned half of the palettes when it launched. I only look forward to the next amazing product Sugarpill will launch!


Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Spring 2014 Plastic Passion Collection

Started in 2004, Obsessive Complusive Cosmetics is based in New York City and was founded by David Klasfeld. Starting with just lip balms, also well noted in today’s world as Feathered and Tarred, OCC continues to expand on what artist’s view color, texture and dimension as art. OCC is probably most notorious for this liptars which debuted in 2009. OCC also has amazing complexion products, loose color concentrates and nail lacquers. While OCC continues to make their stamp in the cosmetic and fashion world, it is to be noted that OCC is 100% Vegan and Cruelty-free. None of OCC products have any animal-derived ingredients such as Beeswax and Lanolin just to name a couple.


Fast forward to spring 2014! Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics brings us the Plastic Passion collection featuring vibrant liptars and their new cosmetic color pencils. Starting with the liptars, the ones in this collection are very different compared to current or previous liptars. From this collection, the textures are either matte or metallic. This collection is unlike any other previous collection because it delivers a whole different outlook on color, a bright hyper saturated, densely pigmented, long lasting bright collection. These liptars contain peppermint oils, vitamin E and organic hemp oil. They are also without gluten, silicone or parabens which is great!


In total, this collection offers six liptars, six cosmetic color pencils and nail lacquers. The colors in this collection for the liptars are the following, Pool boy, Rollergirl, Mannequin, Kimber, Hollywood and Pleasure model. Pool boy liptar is described as an aquatic blue. This is one of the liptars that has a matte finish. Rollergirl is a gorgeous vibrant lavender purple. This is the second color to accompany the mattes in this collection. Mannequin is described as a Malibu pink, this is another color that gives a matte finish. The last of the matte finishes is Kimber which is described as a neon orange coral. Hollywood is described more as a beige and gold shimmer and this liptar has a metallic finish. The last liptar from this collection is Pleasure model and it’s described as pearlescent pink, also with a metallic finish.


For the spring collection, I only ended picking up two colors, Pool boy and Mannequin. I unfortunately couldn’t see what Rollergirl and Kimber looked like while at IMATS, so I didn’t pick those up. However now seeing them at work, I am very tempted to pick those two bad boys up! I was attracted to Pool boy first because it’s a very unique color that no one else in the cosmetic field truly makes, as of yet that is. Mannequin on the other hand is a great pink that everyone should have in their collection and I can see myself getting a lot of use from this color in summer time.


Moving on to the cosmetic color pencils! These pencils are not labeled, “lipliner” or “eyeliner” therefore OCC recommends to use at your heart’s content. In this collection, there are six cosmetic colored pencils and they are the following, Pool boy, Hoochie, Anime, Grandma, Pennyroyal and Sybil. Pool boy is an aquatic blue. Hoochie is described as an extreme magenta. Anime is described as a bright neon pink. Grandma is described as a classic coral. Pennyroyal is described as a peachy brown. Sybil is a beautiful deep brown. From this collection I picked up Hoochie and Anime. The reason that I picked up those two colors is because I not only have the liptars to match but those liners will prove more multi-purpose for me as eye liners and lip liners. The other colors are great from this collection, I just feel that my choice was based on what I will actually use up.


According to OCC, it is noted as a precaution that Anime, Hoochie and several others of the cosmetic color pencils are not intended for the eye area. That does not necessarily mean that you can not use them on the eyes, it is just noted that some of the shades may be more sensitive on the eye area. For me personally, I will be using these pencils on the eyes, but I will always use an eye shadow primer first. Overall, I am in love with this collection and I truly think it’s speaks so much for OCC. If you have not tried any OCC products, stop by your local Sephora to swatch and apply these bad boys, you’re sure to fall in love!

NARS One Night Stand Blush Palette Review


For holiday 2013, NARS came out with a  Guy Bourdin collection. This collection consisted of nails polishes, eye shadow duos, lipstick sets, blushes and most importantly of all, a cheek palette. This palette consists of one bronzer, one highlight and four blush shades. This collection was limited edition because it was only for holiday, so unfortunately it is not longer readily available. This six pan palette consists of some holy grails from NARS as well as three limited edition colors. Each individual pan in this palette weighs 0.14oz however if you were to purchase a blush alone you get 0.16oz of product. With each pan almost being almost full sized, it makes the price worth while in my opinion.


Packaging wise, I love it. This is my first NARS cheek product, and I will admit it is luxurious. This matte black palette has a simple autograph of Guy Bourdin in red lettering on the top. Once the palette is opened, you find a decently sized mirror to accompany these shades. This palette is pretty large, size wise, it’s even bigger than your hand. Even it’s size does not prevent me from taking this palette as I travel. The colors that are in current rotation and available individually are Laguna, Orgasm and Deep Throat. Whereas, Mistinguette, Goulue and Devotee are limited edition.

This palette comes with three well known classics. Starting off with the only bronzer, this palette comes with Laguna which is a warm toned bronzer with a soft sheen. Following this popular trend this palette is accompanied with Orgasm blush, a soft peachy pink with golden sheen. This next blush is partially the reason to why I purchased this palette, Deep Throat. Deep throat is a beautiful blush that is basically a toned down more rosey version of Orgasm. This blush is amazing because it works well with any combination of eye or lip look and it’s my personal favorite. Now onto the new goodies, first starting with Mistinguette blush which is a classic bright pink blush. The last blush that is in this palette is Goulue which is more of a medium rose pink. All blushes have a sheen/shimmer in them except Mistinguette. Last but not least is this amazing pink silver highlighter called Devotee.


So what are my overall thoughts? I love how this palette has three of the top sellers with three blushes/highlighter that are not as easily available since they are limited edition. The color wheel of this palette is great because it’s versatile enough to apply to a wide spectrum of clients. I think this a great palette to have for a client who is just starting out with NARS blushes and wants a couple of the top sellers. Also you can’t beat this price for all six colors. Just as a note this type of palette is only released once a year, typically around holiday time. To my knowledge, there have only been two other palettes like this released in the past, so this type of product is somewhat new.  Thanks for reading my review, until next time!

Hourglass Ambeint Lighting palette review


Hourglass Cosmetics is a luxurious brand that is known for the amazing foundations, long-lasting lip stains and most of all, their ambient light powders. Hourglass currently has six different ambient lighting powders. The ambient lighting powders capture and diffuse light in a way that brightens that skin while concealing imperfections. These powders are unlike your typical powder, these powders use photo-luminescent technology that is particles that refract light and create a transparent coverage. There is a wide range of shades so that there is a shade for every one.

Now onto the main course, the palette. This palette was limited edition for 2013 Holiday. As soon as I heard about the release of this palette, I knew that I had to get my hands on it. Not only was it limited edition, but it was a great way for me to try out three different ambient powders at the same time. For the price point and the size of the powders, I thought it was a complete steal. It was also very reassuring that when this palette became  sold out everywhere, I knew that I had already added it to my collection.


Packaging wise, this palette is very small and sleek, it literally fits in the palm of your hand. This palette has a good weight to it, truly makes it understandable that it is from Hourglass. The packaging is this medium deep brown shade with a super glossy finish. This palette has a small opening mechanism and inside comes with a decently sized mirror. This palette comes with three shades, Dim Light and Radiant light which are in the collection and then Incandescent light which is the limited edition shade. Dim light is a neutral peach that has both warm and cool tones. Radiant light is a golden beige that gives a subtly warmth to the face. Incandescent light is an opalescent pearl that truly brightens the skin.

This palette is accompanied with Hourglass’s only facial primer, the mineral veil primer. The mineral veil is suited for all skin types which conceals redness, softens the fine lines in the face and is pore minimizing. This primer also has a spf of 15 which is nice! Hourglass is also a cruelty-free brand that is without parabens, talc, fragrance and gluten. This primer glides on with ease and a little amount goes very far. I thoroughly enjoy this primer because I have very red cheeks, dry skin and love to minimize my pore size. The color of this primer is white iridescent that gives a luminous finish to the skin.


Now that you have a good concept of the palette, let me tell you my thoughts. I love this palette, to put it shortly. I am using the incandescent light the most currently to set my under eye concealer. Every time I wear this product, I always get compliments or questions to what exact product is it.  My second favorite shade is Dim light. I love using this shade to set my face all over to give a glow to the skin. I am trying more and more ways to incorporate Radiant light into my every day wear since it’s just as gorgeous as the other shades. The more and more that I use this palette, the more and more I fall in love. I don’t remember when the last time I used translucent powder to set my face, I just use these powders instead. 

Now should you get them, is it worth the hype? Yes!! They have a range of shades that fits everyone. This is a luxury brand so you are truly paying for the high quality of the product. Dim and Radiant light which are in the palette are permanent, so those are readily available. Each ambient lighting powder is $45, which is a lot I know, however it is totally worth it. Unfortunately this palette was limited edition so it’s no longer available. They might have a similar holiday set for 2014, so keep an eye out. If you haven’t played with these powders, or do not own any, please find interest in these powders because they have a lot to offer!

2nd Love Cosmetics Review

Please allow me to introduce you to a cosmetic company that I’ve known about since 2011, 2nd love Cosmetics. 2nd love cosmetics, based in Los Angeles California, creates and produces great cosmetics with their own signature style. They claim to be the 2nd generation of cosmetics, so that is something to watch out for. I became very familiarized with this company thanks to attending trade shows such as IMATS.  This line is suited for all ages and skin types and is also cruelty free.

The picture above details all the goodies I got, still in packaging before I ripped them open for use.  All the cosmetics are named the following. Baked Glow N’ Bronzer in  02 Warmth, Baked marble blush in 02 Terra Cotta, Baked eye shadow duo in -3 Earth, Cream gel eye shadow in 09 Glow and 11 Island Sun, Pout plumping lip gloss in 06 Soul mate and Quick stick cream blush in 02 Preppy.  The item that I was most excited about was the baked marble blush.


I will admit, this is my first all shimmer cheek disc. Typically I do not enjoy an all shimmer based cheek product because it can be sometimes overwhelming. However, 2nd love Cosmetics came out with Glow N’ Bronzer in Warmth that makes me change my opinion. I think it’s the combination of shades in the disc that makes this shade more wearable on the everyday. The color of this product is not overwhelming, it’s a softened bronze. Also the granulated shimmer in this cheek product is not powdery nor over metallic. I also feel that I will get more then the average use of this because I will use these shades individually as eye shadows. These are also safe shades that work for every eye color and shape. I feel that this product is neutral to the fact that anyone can use it.


I was really excited to play with the Terra Cotta marble blush because it was mineralized and also it was a gorgeous shade. I also appreciated this blush because I can use dry or wet. When using it dry for regular application or I can use a wet brush to gain an intensified application. This color is a combination of champagne, gold and bronze which gives off a multi-colored effect. I love the natural bronzed glow it gives to the cheeks. I have used this as my only cheek product for the last several days and it has paid off as both contour and blush shade.


Oh how I love eye shadows. I am always interested in exploring and trying out different brands eye shadows. It is the one area in cosmetics that initially makes or brakes the connection or love I have for the brand overall. This is the baked duo eye shadow in Earth. This baked duo is a light beige on one side along with a dark brown eye shadow. Both of these eye shadows have a sheen to them, so I would consider there finish as a satin/shimmer. Using them dry, I’ve noticed the pigment quality is not amazing. However using these shades wet is great. The only downside is that typically shades should be great without having to use them wet in order to get them to appear like a typical eye shadow.


Cream or gel based eye shadows do really well on clients who are looking for quick application of color for the eyes. Cream shadows are really good for clients who like a one stop shop without having to add products such as an eye shadow primer since this product has one built in. I love using cream shadows as base colors so that I can atop the shade with a similar color to intensify the look. When I first looked at this package, I thought typical packaging for a cream shadow. This product is labeled cream gel shadow initially letting the owner know you can use this product as a base color or as a gel eye liner.


Both of these shades are common shades or as I like to call it, “neutral” shades. This product glides on with ease all over the eye lid. I’ve only tried this product with a primer underneath and it holds up beautifully. I didn’t care to apply it solely to the eyelid because I am personally a strong believe in eye shadow primers. I am sure if I were to use just this product on the eye lid without prepping or setting the product, I would get a good 3-4 hours of wear out of the product. However, since I work a long day and want my eye makeup to be extremely pigmented, I go the extra step and prep, use the gel shadow and atop it with an eye shadow.


Pout plumping lip gloss huh? Anytime a product says plumping, I immediately think peppermint oil. I am adjusted to natural plumpers that have plumping ingredients in their products such as peppermint oil. I was curious to see what kind of active ingredient is the effective plumper but there was no description on their website. However, when applying this product, it’s very evident in the scent that peppermint oil is the main ingredient for plumping. I got a good 2 hour of wear from this gloss before it started fading off. This product had sheer color pay off and I would idolize to wear this on top of a similar colored lipstick.


For my dry girls out there, yes this is a cream blush you should definitely check out! I completely feel that 2nd love Cosmetics secretly knew my skin type and knew that I love long wear products. This cream blush is just that! Cream blushes really do suit my skin better then the typical powder, especially during the winter time.  This shade Preppy fits my perfectly since I love a coral cheek! This is coral shade of cream blush that has a finely milled shimmer in it. When applying, I can see some of this shimmer come off. However after I blend in the product on the cheek area, the shimmer is not overwhelmingly apparent. I can see myself using this shade on the daily use, either alone or putting a powder blush to intensify it.

Overall I would give 2nd love Cosmetics a great thumbs up. The quality and duration of wear for the products is like-able. The average cost of these products is super affordable, even cheaper then almost all drug store. Usually when you go cheaper, the product quality goes away too, but not for this brand! I will definitely stay in contact with this brand and have nothing but high hopes to see what they come out with in the future. Thanks so much for reading, and until next time!

Disclosure: I received these 2nd love Cosmetics products for consideration and review. As always, this is my honest opinion and experience with the product(s).

Crown Brush Cosmo Collection and Brush Review


First and foremost, it is thanks to the iFabbo event that I am able to be here today and talk with you about this amazing review. At the iFabbo event, I was able to meet with one of the Crown Brush reps and speak about how amazing these products are! With already having been a fan of Crown Brush, I couldn’t resist talking his ear off!  I’ve had these products for some time now and I’ve truly put them to use so that I can give an honest detailed opinion of the performance of these tools and palette. Here’s my review, enjoy!

Ahh where to start?!?! How I love brushes is one thing, but Crown also knows that I have a LOVE for eye shadows too! I was lucky enough to receive the Cosmo Collection eye shadow palette along with five different eye brushes.  First starting with the palette, titled KL28 – 28 Color Cosmo Collection, such large pans. I enjoy that these are not dime sized pans, but very close to quarter sized pans. I will admit when I opened the palette, there was minor damage, some shadows had chips in them, some extra dust, but that is minimal. Regardless, the product is in one piece and that’s what matters most. When swatching these eye shadows, I was very pleased to see pigmented pay off, nice transfer and not to powdery when dipping my brush into the pans.


Also I’ve noticed throughout using these eye shadows that they do not become powdery after dipping your brush into the shadow. That is something that I truly appreciate because sometimes you loose out on the product because if you’re heavier handed and your brush takes up too much product, you can actually loose some product in the meanwhile.  As you can see in the image above, the colors truly do range in this palette along with the finishes of the shadows. I appreciate how the colors are placed in this palette. The shades typically go from neutrals, to soft greens and blues, and then transition towards the blues, purples and deeper shades.

Now onto the brushes! Brushes are key when applying any makeup to the face because they can determine the intensity, softness, blend ability and finished result. I received five brushes, four of which had labeling on the side and one without, as you can see from left to right. There is the C441 the deluxe blending brush, C440 Angle shadow brush, C408 chisel shader, C431 precision detail and the unlabeled which is a tapered crease brush. These brushes are made with great quality hairs that rarely shed. I only experienced slight shedding during the first deep clean of these brushes. When spot cleaning the brushes, there was no shedding. These brushes effortlessly blend eye shadows with ease. It’s never disappointing when it comes to the quality of Crown brushes.

Overall I am very pleased with Crown Brush products. I love the quality of both the eye shadows and the brushes. Crown Brush products truly do exemplify high quality cosmetics. I find myself reaching for these brushes and the palette on a regular basis. I will continue to look forward to all the new goodies that Crown comes out with in the near future. Thanks for reading my review and make sure to check out Crown Brush!!

Disclosure: I received the  Crown Brush products for consideration. As always, this is my honest opinion.